Senior NodeJS backend developer

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 retraced GmbH
 Duesseldorf, Germany
 2 years ago

Senior NodeJS backend developer

You live and love NodeJS? You would never execute a task without cloud functions or microservices? And you know the true way of communication is giphys? Then you are about right at retraced!

📍 Location: Europe, remote, within CEST±1h

💰 Salary: Let us know (up to €75k annual)

🚀 Your mission

As a NodeJS backend developer you will support us extending our platform with new functionality and ensuring production grade code for easy maintenance and extension.

You will work with a highly ambitious team that strives to build the world’s leading sustainability management platform. You will build, maintain and extend our microservice backend infrastructure to keep it scalable and establish a clear work distrubition optimization of backend processes. Examples of work could be to extend the message routing and cross-service call stack tracing of messages on errors.

🗺 What is retraced

We are building the platform to manage sustainability information for every participant in the fashion industry. The platform provides ways to communicate sustainability for fashion brands in their online stores, but especially all the backoffice tasks to maintain and overview the sustainability standards. The functions include high level certificate management and goes deep down to farmer entering data into our app to trace origins of materials.

🎯 Requirements

🛠 Skillset

  • NodeJS || JS developer (≥6y)
  • Experienced with cloud functions or microservices (≥3y)
  • Very good English
  • CDN, K8S, S3 are terms you have stumbled upon

🎭 Personal

Everyone is different. We accept your personality as it comes. You might feel especially comfortable with us, if you:

  • You like to take responsibily for what you build
  • You turn your camera on in Zoom
  • You embrace that your PR might be declined or reworked by someone else

🥳Benefits you will love

🤸‍♀️ Work flexibility

Besides some core working hours, you have the flexibility to adjust your working times. As long as you are well reachable and it does not clash with meetings, it's up to you when you work!

🌏 Impactful code

The goal of our platform is to ensure proven sustainability and eradication of greenwashing. Every line of code you contribute will make impact on this world as it improves sustainability management.

🌴 24 paid holidays 

Enjoy sunshine and beach, or cottage and fireplace with a generous 24 paid holidays per year. We believe regular holidays are important.

📅German public holidays

You will have all german holidays! Don't be sad, because it's one of the countries with the most holidays!

👕👕 Sustainable clothing

Enjoy sustainable clothing with a family & friends discounts at nearly all our clients - From swim wear, children shoes over to evening dresses!


You can always work from home. But if you ever wish to work from the office in Dusseldorf, we also support relocation.

🔪 Cutting edge stack

We support anything new in tech - any time. You are an expert in Cloudflare functions? Or you know a new form management library in React? Why not give it a try.

🎨 Mini hackathons

We do at least one tech spike or mini hackathons per month to rapidly develop new product features. They are super exciting and allow you to let your creativity flow.

📽Remote culture

To compensate our physical distance, we regularly meet for a tea or cold beer. And if you are up for it, why not watch a movie in sync together!

🤝Vendor relationship

We have very strong bonds with Oracle product management and the ability to talk directly to the product management of Oracle in San Francisco!

🧳Paid trips to our office

If you ever plan to visit the our main office in Dusseldorf the trip is on us! Also, Peter our CTO is in Cyprus, you might want to pass by there.

👨‍🏫 Learn compliance in fashion industry

Trust us, it only sounds boring when you hear it. But the content of compliance is facinating and surprisingly interesting! It affects us every day.

📟Visa sponsorship

We do support visa sponsorships if you have an existing working permit in Europe.

💻Equipment of your choice

You want to use your own hardware? Fine! You want new hardware? Fine! We will organize something.

🧙‍♂️ Fast leading possibility

Our company structure allows fast tracking to take ownership of projects or small teams.

🥇 Support certifications

We support personal growth and provide support for you to make certifications and grow further in any kind of direction.

✨ How does your first week look like?

You will get your own mentor within the team. This is the person who will introduce you to the system, what we do and how the basic infrastructure looks like. They will also guide you to setup everything locally.

Usually the first goal for development is to have your first change in our system live by the end of the first week! It sounds ambitious, but we have met the goal 100% of the times. And you will feel proud having a direct impact.

Further, you will also be able to participate as a listener in a sales call. This way, you get an introduction to the system through sales perspective and you will feel like a client who will use the system in the future!

Our tech stack


We are running all our NodeJS microservices in Oracle Kubernetes Engine. We are not using Typescript.


We have a backoffice in React, two mobile apps developed with ReactNative, a homepage with NextJS and shop integrations in customer languages whereas the actual components placed in the shops are web-components build with Preact.

💿 Database

We have an Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing - or more simple Cloud SQL database 😀.

☁ Cloud providers

We have AWS services for routing and DNS management, CloudFlare for deployment of web-components and Oracle for the service infrastructure and networking part.

❤ Our values

🌳Commited to UN Sustainble Development Goals

Our work and our mind is commited to strive and fulfill the sustainble development goals from the UN by 2030. This includes our platform we are building, but also each of our personal attitudes.

🌱We believe in a sustainable corporate

We are part of of the UN Global Compact program and are commited to the ten principle to corporate sustainability - Including human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

🏆We are ambitious

We do not just want to be a platform. We want to the platform for sustainability management. The sky is the limit. We reach for all stars possible to build a better solution than anyone else.

🙋‍♀️We strive for constant growth and always learn

Good is not good enough. We bet on and invest in the growth of our people. We are aware of the compounding effects of becoming 1% better every day.

⚖We bank on fundamentals

Hard truths. We constantly question our solution approaches and actions to be at the forefront of innovation.

🔄 We believe fast iterations

Move to improve. We are impatient and execute fast. We don't believe in perfect results with the first iteration but we celebrate every win and loss to get better.

⚙ Hiring process

1. Submit your application 📑

Send an email to with:

  • CV, LinkedIn profile or Github profile. Whichever you find reflects you most. We will anyways google you 🤪
  • Your salary range expectations
  • Your earliest starting date
  • Explain in two three sentences what is (in your opinion) the best technology you have worked on so far

2. Get to know each other 👋

In our first call, we want to exchange expectations and clear up your most urging questions. Furthermore, we want to excite you about our mission and product.

3. Interview case ✍️

This might be the most fun part. Develop a small program solving a simple, but yet tricky problem. We will catch up a couple of days later and let you walk us through your stellar work.

4. Meet the team ☕☕

Right after your interview case, we want you to meet 1-2 of your potential colleagues during a (virtual) coffee. We deeply value team chemistry and want to give you the opportunity to get to know each other before any signings.

5. Et voilà: Offer! 💃

We aim to finish the entire process as soon as possible.

(All information also available here)

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