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❤ Our values

🌳 Commited to UN Sustainble Development Goals

Our work and our mind is commited to strive and fulfill the sustainble development goals from the UN by 2030. This includes our platform we are building, but also each of our personal attitudes.

🌱We believe in a sustainable corporate

We are part of of the UN Global Compact program and are commited to the ten principle to corporate sustainability - Including human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

🏆 We are ambitious.

We do not just want to be a platform. We want to the platform for sustainability management. The sky is the limit. We reach for all stars possible to build a better solution than anyone else.

🙋‍♀️We strive for constant growth and always learn

Good is not good enough. We bet on and invest in the growth of our people. We are aware of the compounding effects of becoming 1% better every day.

⚖We bank on fundamentals Hard truths

We constantly question our solution approaches and actions to be at the forefront of innovation.

🔄We believe fast iterations

Move to improve. We are impatient and execute fast. We don't believe in perfect results with the first iteration but we celebrate every win and loss to get better.



Duesseldorf, Germany

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retraced GmbH

Senior NodeJS backend developer

CEST +- 1, Europe or willigness to relocate to Germany after 6 months •Full time •Senior

2 years ago

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