Lead Software Engineer (Node.js/React)

Full time

 Dash Solutions
 a year ago

About Dash

Dash Solutions is a cloud security and compliance platform that enables companies in regulated industries automate compliance and security across Amazon Web Services (AWS). Out small team helps healthcare, finance, and SaaS companies build and maintain their security programs in the cloud.

At Dash, we provide a solution for creating administrative policies and tying these policies to proactive security controls and continuous compliance monitoring of the client’s cloud environment. Our users utilize our platform to automate regulatory and compliance standards including HIPAA, SOC 2, and GDPR.

Your skills as a seasoned Node developer will help companies automate their security practices and improve cloud security. If you're passionate about software development and the cloud, we'd love to have you join our team.


As a Node developer, you'll be working on Dash ComplyOps, our compliance automation platform. As a member of the team, you'll play a pivotal role in developing and designing our ambitious solution. We'll need your experience and ideas to:

  • Build Node.js and React powered web services
  • Collaborate on version planning and development timelines
  • Develop new features/integrations with AWS services and other solutions
  • Deploy application features to AWS and our users

Working At Dash

Because we're such a small team, every person makes a large impact on the product. We have a flat hierarchy, prize deep work, independence and creativity. We care most about delivering high-quality solutions that solve our users' problems.

You'll need to bring strong expertise in Node and React to our team and be able to communicate those ideas to the rest of the team so that we can consistently move forward with software development and product.

We're a small team mostly working on the east coast (EST). Strong writing and communication skills are critical.

Requirements and Benefits

  • 5+ years experience programming
  • 4+ years experience with Node.js
  • Cloud and Linux experience
  • Experience developing features with established APIs
  • Experience with AWS APIs and cloud services is a plus
  • Remote work
  • Share at least 5+ working hours with Eastern Time Zone (EST)
  • Salary $75K (meets requirements) — $110K (exceeds requirements) / year
  • Equity in a small startup

Apply For The Role

Email the following to jobs@dashsdk.com:

  • Resume
  • A sample of code that you’re particularly proud of.
  • 2 references. Ideally a manager and a peer.
  • Please include where you came across this job document.
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