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Senior Node.JS Engineer


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Headquarters: Remote
URL: https://gitduck.com

Join us 
We are looking for the first people to join the co-founders and build a world-class team. We are looking for curious, empathetic and user-oriented teammates. Your role will change as we grow, but you are comfortable with it. You like taking ownership, learning, adapting and moving fast. 

Why Join
  • Solve the massive collaboration problem for developers working remotely/distributed.
  • Build a world-class developer tool.
  • Work closely with a talented founding team with complementary skills.
  • Be part of the foundation of a great company and product.

Who you are
  • You are comfortable with very fast-paced environments (you can call it chaos).
  • You like early-stage startups, you don't like bureaucracies and politics.
  • You are a senior full-stack engineer with experience building high-growth services.
  • You care deeply about the users and their experience.
  • You have critical thinking, but you don't over-analyze things. You love moving fast.

The role 
We're looking for independent engineers who enjoy building things and are comfortable with significant responsibilities. You'll work on a variety of projects and problems and own large parts of the codebase. 

As one of the first hires, you'll be crucial for scaling the company including its architecture, testing, monitoring, codebase, best practices, culture, etc. 

GitDuck is mainly built with JavaScript and some TypeScript. Node on the backend and Next.js+React on the frontend. Our systems are hosted in Google Cloud using Kubernetes. 

  • You will build and maintain user-facing features.
  • You will develop real-time collaboration features.
  • You will contribute and maintain our open-source IDE extensions.
  • You will design, develop and maintain our infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot and debug applications.
  • Write unit and integration tests for your code.
  • You will interview and coach other talented engineers.

  • Strong experience as a Software Engineer, writing clean, testable and maintainable code.
  • Experience designing and developing REST APIs.
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Experience with GCP/AWS, Kubernetes or cloud-native environments.
  • Willingness to solve challenging problems.
  • Ability to readily learn most technologies on-the-go.
  • Ability to thrive in an ambiguous environment with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Verbal and written English fluency.

Bonus points:
  • Experience with video related products or video streaming infrastructure.
  • Experience with React.
  • Experience using MongoDB.
  • Experience using WebRTC.
  • WebSockets/Socket.io or real-time systems experience.
  • Experience with FFmpeg.
  • Experience with distributed systems.
  • Published blog posts and/or tech talks about your work.

How to apply
  1. Sign up and try GitDuck.
  2. Write to us and tell us a bit about you, your past experiences, share your links (GitDuck, Github, your web, Linkedin, etc) and tell us why you want to join GitDuck. Very important: 1. In your email you must tell us the passcode VIKENDI, In this way, we know that you are a real human and that you are reading this. You also must tell us how GitDuck could be improved.
  3. Live video call: 30 minutes to learn more about you, about what are you looking for, tell you about GitDuck and answer other questions you may have.
  4. GitDuck coding video: 45 minutes to build a small project as far as you can given a straightforward specification. We're looking for your ability to write clean and correct code while productively making progress against our spec in a limited time. You can use your own dev environment as well as all kind of resources you want (Google, StackOverflow, docs, etc) but you must use GitDuck for recording your screen.
  5. Live video call: 75 minutes technical interview composed of 3 phases: 
    • 15mins of short technical discussion to evaluate your knowledge in a wide range of technical topics like data structures, web systems, security, systems, etc. We do not expect anyone to be strong in all the areas. We're looking for which topics you know the most about, and your ability to communicate with another engineer in technical discussions.
    • 30 mins of fixing or extending an existing codebase. We'll give you a medium-sized codebase with a few bugs or failing test cases. We're looking for your ability to read and understand someone else's code, your troubleshooting, intuition and debugging skills.
    • 30 mins of system design interview. We'll describe a hypothetical product or service, we'll ask you to describe how you'd break that down into a system that you could actually build. We're looking for your ability to talk about the architecture of a project, understand how all the pieces fit together and your decisions and trade-off discussions.
  6. Final live video interview: 20 minutes for any pending questions you or that we might have.

We're quite fast on our process, so you should be able to go through all phases in less than 2 weeks. 

To apply: jobs+weworkremote@gitduck.com