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API Engineering

PeerWell Inc.

We are looking for an experienced system software contributor with an architect's mind to join our small engineering team as an API engineer and problem solver. API engineers provide the core functions for our business through the highly performance and innovative APIs they design, build, and elaborate.

Role & Responsibilities:

You will

  • Help define technology solutions to product problems

  • Propose, discuss, plan, and develop APIs for use by our frontends as well as system partners

  • You will architect and document solutions with your peers in the engineering team, size them, commit to them, develop them, and make sure they succeed in production.

  • With your experience, be able to help identify system issues in advance, and understand the tradeoffs in terms of time and effort of the various solutions to them.

  • Use your creative intelligence to find appropriate solutions and propose what are perhaps entirely new ways to better solve problems.

  • endeavor to be responsive to your team as well as those outside of the team and engage with them honestly.

  • know your limitations

Technical Requirements:

  • You will be expert in Nodejs and Javascript at a minimum. Your expertise in Typescript is a plus as we are starting to use that now.  Much of our code is also in CoffeeScript so your familiarity with that is plus.

  • You should be expert with async code and the issues that arise from multiple processing threads working on the same data. 

  • You should know Mongo and MySQL-like system very well or have the background to slam-dunk those.

  • Familiarity with Redis and/or other caching systems. And understand the issues.

  • Expertise in writing readable, well designed, class oriented code is essential. Typescript ideally, but also in any other type-strong language.

  • Be good at understanding, refactoring, and commenting code.

  • Know what a well designed API looks like and why it is the way it is.  Understand and have opinions on REST-based apis.

  • Nice if you have experience in working with or incorporating AWS components into design solutions. 

  • Know Git, understand and use task management, and understand how sprints or other agile development processes work.

  • Have experience and appreciation for writing test cases. Can talk about TDD or other testing methodologies and have opinions on them. 

It’s a plus if you have experiences with:

  • Machine learning, image recognition, or human behavior detection technologies

  • Ops and system infra, containerized system

  • System optimization and architecture, operating systems or networking design

  • Securing systems, and handling PII

  • Have development experiences with Medical technologies, systems, and markets.

  • Content management systems

  • Business billing and reporting systems

  • Experiences with healthcare systems, medical technology, and related fields.

  • Running a principled process for selecting technology products, including build vs buy decisions.

  • AWS stuff as IAM, EC2, ELB, ALB, ECS, VPC, security groups, and container management via Docker and Kubernetes, as well as scaling & security practices. 

Other requirements:

  • You must speak excellent English.

Location -- Remote:

This job is a remote hire based anywhere in the Americas or Europe. We are a San Francisco based company but you can work from your home or from a workspace. We will work with you to be fully connected member of our team. The majority of our staff is located remotely!


As this is still a startup, your work will have impact not only on engineering, but in the products customers experience, as well as in all aspects of the business.  This key role directly affects patients, healthcare workers, and companies through your API work. For example we get comments like this often:

"Each day I check for my PeerWell things to do with eagerness. My surgery is scheduled for the 5th of December and I have done my prehab for the past 17 days. By watching and doing the video exercises, I am walking better on my surgical knee. The meditations are great, especially the one on pain and anxiety. I feel this is an awesome program and look forward to what is expected of me every day"


You care about doing good and finding ways to help other people. We care about the work we do, and how we do it. We care about friendly and effective teams and a civil work life. We care about our patients and their outcomes.


  1. You must send a note describing your interest and fit for this role along with your resume. We will not be able to respond to all who apply. We can respond to questions via the StackOverflow job tools.

  2. If we think you are a good fit, we will either

    1. send some questions, or

    2. reach out and schedule an initial interview with our VP of Engineering.

  3. If that looks promising, we will follow up with one or more secondary interviews with:

    1. API lead,

    2. Ops lead,

    3. Design lead, and

    4. Support lead

  4. And a Coding Challenge

    1. The coding challenge you can do on your own time that is intended to reveal your technical creativity and chops, and help us understand more about your coding persona.

  5. Final candidates will have a conversation with our CEO