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React Native Mobile Lead (Bootstrapped/Product Company)


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Headquarters: Printavo
URL: https://www.printavo.com

Ready to join a fast-growing, bootstrapped and profitable startup? Do you love building practical products from the ground that help businesses of all sizes? Is solving scalability issues a passion of yours? Then Printavo (printavo.com) is looking for you, a talented React Mobile Engineer to join the team and lead our mobile initiatives.

Printavo’s mission is to modernize the manufacturing side of the apparel decorating industry. Historically manufacturing technology has lagged behind what we all have grown accustomed to on the consumer web. Printavo is changing this.

Who We Are
Printavo is an easy to use, cloud-based tool for garment-based printing businesses. You can think of us as project management software for the garment decoration industry. If you’ve ever ordered custom t-shirts, it’s likely that our software was managing your order at the shop. We’re growing quickly and looking for talented and experienced engineers to join the team.

Your Role
We’re looking for a React Mobile Lead Engineer who is looking to own our mobile apps. Printavo currently has an iPhone application and is looking to add Android. We also plan on expanding our offerings to include tablet layouts for both ecosystems in the near future. We imagine a world where manufacturing-based business owners are able, at a glance, to see how their company operates anywhere in the world from the palm of their hands. While at the same time allowing staff members to communicate with each other and coordinate in real-time with the same ease.

For this role, we’re looking for a self-motivated Lead Engineer to take these ideas and drive them towards being a reality. You will be directly responsible for working on our mobile applications and building out exciting new functionality.

- You will work directly with the Founder, CTO and Product Manager to build, implement and improve our existing iOS offering. While providing guidance on helping to shape our future Android offering
- You will also work directly with our customer success and onboarding team to understand directly from the front lines where our Customers’ pain points are, to help inform the shape of our mobile experiences
- You have a strong understanding of the iOS and Android ecosystems
- You have strong knowledge of React and React Native, in addition to experience having deployed React Native applications
- You have fluency in JavaScript
- You are a strong communicator. Given this role is in the middle of many departments being able to convey your ideas is very important.
- You are organized, and have great follow-through on tasks and possess superior organizational skills
- You have a good “product field vision”. Meaning you don’t get stuck in the minutiae of a particular feature, but rather can pull yourself up to understand what the feature means to our customers’ success
- You like hats. Many hats. We’re growing but we’re still a small company. Thousands of emails a day? No prod (just kidding, we use Slack)
- You don't fold under pressure. Rather, you thrive in a fast-paced environment.
- You're as charismatic as they come. You embody resilience, drive, and energy that radiates throughout all interactions
- You’re passionate and love helping people. You care about your team, and you're driven to enhance your personal growth. You love being on the ground floor
- Last but not least, you’re innovative and resourceful; constantly looking for ways to improve your performance and that of those around you

- Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or higher

Our Tech Stack
- Ruby on Rails
- Heroku
- Javascript
- Swift
- Postgres
- S3
- ElasticSearch

To apply: http://Email us: info+careers@printavo.com