JavaScript Frontend Developer

 2 years ago

Our front-end team is looking for the next ranger to create the best storytelling experience on the planet. You should welcome the prospect of crafting JavaScript codes from scratch, put performance and care about putting the best code forward and do these as part of a squad, not a lone ranger. Front end is part of a product team that consists of UIUX, Product Managers, Backend developers, QA and Dev Ops. It has always been a challenge and satisfaction to see a UI design get implemented in code! 

Piktochart has an open environment through weekly sharing that encourages participations and suggestions to improve the platform. For example, in the past, we have adopted frameworks such as Cycle.js or adopted the philosophy of reactive programming from procedural thanks to these group huddles! While we do our best to adhere to standard principles like Git for code managements, Scrum for project updates and code reviews to help validate one another’s works, we also go for “best practice” and not common practices in other areas. In short, we are not just looking for code that works, but we want it to be easily maintainable in the long term and we define this by:

  • Code that is easily understood by the team
  • Less prone to bugs when there are changes
  • Easily extendable.

Some interesting projects that we are undertaking now includes a design system that has reusable components in the UI to accelerate a lot of the development in house. If all these sound like a challenge to you and the HOPEFUL values resound with you, please read on!

The following statements reflect your abilities :

  • 3+ years experience in JavaScript or front end development for application
  • Expert in JavaScript fundamentals and libraries, HTML5, CSS3, and other web languages & technologies,
  • Have strong experience writing Javascript in Component Based Architecture framework such as VueJS or ReactJS
  • Have experience writing Javascript in Functional and Reactive Programming Concept, with libraries like VueJS & Vuex, ReactJS & Redux, RxJS, and other similar libraries
  • Familiar with the Backend environment and how to integrate the server data into the web application
  • Passionate developer that writes great and structural code, able to adapt and improve the existing codes
  • Care about testing - write automated test coverage to ensure the written application is stable and works among browsers
  • Someone who picks things up quickly, contributes to everyone's learning and want to grow with the company
  • Speaks good English

- Penang, Malaysia
- Remote in South East Asia
- Remote in Europe

Who are we

We are transforming the visual storytelling space by delivering an effortless user experience in creating beautiful, professional grade visuals. By pushing the limits of what’s possible in technology and taking time to understand our users, Piktochart has empowered over 10 million users worldwide to visually communicate in ways that were not possible before!

The team that is behind Piktochart consists of 14 nationalities spread across 8 countries. Pair programming, mentorship, code reviews and group learning all form part of our daily lives and we consider it a privilege to continuously learn. The HOPEFUL values define our culture and inform our actions and decisions.

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