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Senior Frontend Shopify Theme Developer

Lume Deodorant

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Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
URL: https://lumedeodorant.com/

Senior Frontend Developer for Shopify Website (Full-time, Remote)
Lume is educating the world about body smells & changing the way people think about themselves between showers!  We need an experienced, self-starting coder to dream big and deliver a cutting-edge e-commerce experience to our amazing customers.

You’ll collaborate daily with our team senior team (analysts, business, ads, customer service, & marketing) to realize your vision and build an infrastructure that might include 3rd-party api integrations, Shopify apis, Shopify apps, and Shopify liquid theming, etc. to push the our website in fresh directions.

  • Dream up website improvement ideas (big and small) and then build your team internally to realize those dreams.
  • Listen to our amazing Customer Support team for patterns and improvements to make to our Shopify customer experience.
  • Manage all aspects of our Shopify theme code design, development, and deployment workflow.
  • Delight our customers with fun and timely website features.
  • Continue building a culture of gettin’ stuff done within our WebTeam!
  • Ask tough questions & engage in rigorous debate with your teammates about the business side of Lume (pricing, fulfillment, features, margins, how/what/why/when, etc.).
  • Lead our web team.
  • Lots of coding experience in php, javascript, or other scripting language required. (You can’t fake this.)  Shopify experience is a plus!  
  • Much experience with asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, and AJAX is required.
  • Demonstrated experience leading website feature development projects, rallying cross-functional teams to your banner, etc.
  • Experience with code deployment workflows (git, etc.).
  • Lots of experience with web markup, including HTML5, CSS3.
  • Mobile-first responsive design mentality!
  • A love of debugging and maintaining production level code and related workflows. 
  • $89,000-120,000/year based on experience
  • Medical + dental
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • This position is fully-remote and full-time.
  • We get together in person for company retreats a couple of times per year (expenses 100% covered).
  • Work & live anywhere in the USA.

To apply: http://forms.lumedeodorant.com/jobs/senior-frontend-shopify-developer-application/