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Headquarters: Madison
URL: https://FreshinUp.com

 Need improvements to Game performance, game doesnt uperate well when all graphics are on. Also need help scaling.

We are looking for help with some of our Game development, specifically performance issues with the Phaser javascript game engine that is being used for a Slither like game.

Other than experience with this game engine, experience with Vue (the frontend framework we use), would be ideal, but not necessarily required, since Vue is only used to build the UI app and not the actual game.

Docker experience would be another nice-to-have, but also not a show stopper. It would just make it easier to get up and running with a dev environment.

We have some immediate work with ability to use you on other projects as well.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

-FreshinUp Tech Team 

To apply: tim@freshinup.com