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React Engineer


As the first hire outside of the founding team you will have the unique opportunity to shape your own role, and the future of Makeswift. We need a hungry, passionate problem solver with a knack for asking smart questions and getting shit done.

We’re an early-stage, product led, veteran team with a vision for changing the way teams build for the web­—and we’re starting with websites.

Makeswift combines an addictive (but not in the Facebook kind of way) user experience for building responsive web pages out of React components, with a powerful developer API for integrating your own components. Our vision is to open this up and foster a component ecosystem that will send Wordpress and it’s plugins to the internet museum.

The vast majority of creative minds are confined to prototyping tools that can’t go to production—let’s do something about it.


You may be a good fit if you:

  • Have a solid understanding of JavaScript
  • Love exploring new technology
  • Notice details around you that others don’t
  • Take enormous ownership in your work
  • Thrive in fast-paced environments
  • Want to work with a product led team
  • Have strong opinions, but can be wrong
  • Want a healthy work-life balance



Competitive salary with stock options

Comprehensive health, dental, and vision coverage


Technologies you’ll be working with:

React, GraphQL, Apollo, flow, TypeScript, nodeJS, docker, kubernetes, redis, PostgreSQL