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Senior / Lead Android Developer (REMOTE)



is an award winning digital brand committed to modern software
development and creating top notch eCommerce solutions. Our company
operates www.skroutz.gr, the leading product & price comparison engine in Greece, https://www.skroutz.gr/food, the easiest online delivery, as well as www.scrooge.co.uk in the UK.

are a diverse team of engineers passionate about tech that tackle the
challenges of creating a wide range of user-oriented software solutions,
involving a multitude of environments and innovative platforms.

belief is that we can make online shopping a flawless experience for
everyone by empowering consumers and merchants with the necessary
intuitive technologies. We achieve that by committing to modern software
development and by actively creating bleeding edge eCommerce offerings
and high performance web pages.

What We Are Looking For:

We are looking for Software Engineers
with a strong technical background and a “get-things-done” attitude.
Our focus it to deliver quality products, making the right trade-offs
along the way.

Our Engineering Values:

  • Know your Tech. Develop and master your craft, sharpen your tools. Be proud of your work. 
  • Release
    early & Iterate. Deliver prototypes and start gathering important
    feedback early on. Use that feedback to guide you. Don't be afraid to
    compromise, make sure to come back & tidy things up.    
  • Be a team player. Offer your help, listen and seek to understand. Step up & take initiatives. 
  • Don't over anything. Don't over-engineer, over-analyze, over-regulate, you get it. 
  • Enjoy your work. Celebrate success.  

Examples of Work Engineers at Skroutz Have Done in the Past:

  • We
    bootstrapped Skroutz Food, our food delivery service. A new product has
    special needs, we delivered an easy to use web & mobile experience
    prototyping with new technologies (React Native). 
  • We built an
    eCommerce platform from the ground up, enabling users to buy   products
    directly from Skroutz, while introducing a completely new   business
    model for the company. 
  • We re-wrote the Greek and Turkish stemmer plugins for ElasticSearch to provide better search results to our users. 
  • We
    migrated our core product listing page to React, leveraging Server-Side
    Rendering techniques, while keeping an eye for regressions, SEO impact
    & performance. 
  • Our product reviewing system was
    re-evaluated from ground up and through quick prototyping and A/B
    testing we managed to double the conversion rate of user reviews. 
  • Based
    on data analysis of user behavior when browsing fashion products we
    improved the UI to display large images and size/color information and
    thus greatly increasing our customer's conversion rate and user
  • We migrated our Database syncing to ElasticSearch pipeline using Kafka. 

Examples of Work you Might Undertake:

  •  Be part of a zero-dependencies fully fledged team, including designers, front, backend and mobile engineers. 
  • Spin up a new product or work on exciting new features to help our users buy what they need. 
  • Help take our ecommerce platform to the next level to provide users with the easiest and best possible purchasing experience. 
  • Collaborate with experienced engineers and designers. 
  • Learn things at scale. 


What Skills and Experience you Will Need: 

  • At least 3 years of working experience as a Software Engineer in a professional setting. 
  • A solid CS background. 
  • Intrigued by the product as much as by the technology. 
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. 
  • Good communication skills and team spirit. 

We Will Appreciate if You Have: 

  • Good knowledge of Ruby/Ruby on Rails is a huge plus. 
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks/UI libraries (preferably React). 
  • Solid understanding of web architecture. 
  • Strong knowledge of database systems (relational, document-based, etc). 
  • Familiarity with OOP principles and design patterns. 
  • Comfort with TDD and other testing practices. 
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of a large, performance-intensive web application. 
  • Contributions in open-source and/or personal projects.  

Any links to open source contributions or code you have written will help us with the evaluation process.

Technologies We Use: 

  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails 
  • MariaDB, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis 
  • JavaScript, React, React Native 
  • HTML, CSS, Scss 

Please note that this opening concerns an onsite job, located in Athens, Attica, Greece.



  • A modern workplace environment with great benefits. 
  • Competitive remuneration package. 
  • Private medical plan. 
  • Breakfast and subsidized lunch (optional). 
  • Access to books and resources for professional and personal development. 

Skroutz collects and processes personal data in accordance with the EU
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are bound to use the
information provided within your job application for recruitment
purposes only and not to share these with any third parties. We will
keep your resume in our database for any future consideration. In case
you want to be deleted from our database you can contact us at