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Seasoned Front End Engineer


Platform.sh is seeking a senior frontend engineer with strong skills ranging from developing frontend applications in Javascript to implementing user interface designs and making them look great on the web. Opportunities include helping to create new features, improve the overall user experience, and develop new applications to meet both business and internal use cases. In addition, we are a company of polyglots and have technology which spans the entire range of software engineering on the web, including orchestration components written in Python and Go, a wide range of of cloud tooling touching the traditional "DevOps" domain, and many other tools and applications. Anyone with broad experience in these different domains is especially welcome and will feel right at home here.


- Frontend app development in modern Javascript, primarily in React

- Frontend design implementation and themeing

- Remote position: work from home or any location in the world!


- Senior engineering skillset working with frontend Javascript (ideally incl. some familiarity with React)

- Senior engineering skillset working with modern CSS implementation and web application look and feel

- Keen eye for design details and dedication to building a high-quality user experience

- Strong familiarity with the overall domain of web development and how the cloud fits together

- Strong familiarity with implementing frontend applications dependent on remote services, APIs, etc.

- Strong grasp of Git workflows and concepts and how these are connected to modern CI/CD behaviors

Great to Have: 

- Familiarity with other languages used throughout our stack (Go, Python, PHP)

- Experience working with complex cross-site flows (e.g. authentication via OAuth2)

- Experience working with performance optimization for web applications

- Experience working with visualization of data, logs, metrics, etc. for web applications