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DevOps Engineer (Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, InfluxDB)

a mediocre corporation

Mediocre (creators of meh.com, morningsave.com, casemates.com, sidedeal.com, and future projects) is looking for extraordinary DevOps Engineers to build the automation and processes needed to deploy, run, and monitor our ecommerce applications.

Maybe you’re a developer who is interested in continuous deployment and network operations. Or, maybe you’re a sysadmin who has a passion for scripting and coding. Either way, you’ve pushed beyond your defined role and have a big-picture understanding of technical environments.

Who broke the build? We’ll know immediately because your continuous integration process has already kicked off an email, turned on the red lava lamp, and fired a foam missile from a USB launcher in the direction of the responsible engineer.

You can expect to be setting up testing environments in the cloud and running code through its paces before it’s deployed to production. You’ll be expected to push the company to a faster test and deployment rhythm. You’ll also be working with our software engineering team and operations team early and regularly to plan and design testing, staging, and production environments as new products and services are being developed.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Experience with cloud computing environments (Amazon Web Services or Windows Azure or Rackspace or Digital Ocean or similar)

  • Experience monitoring health of systems, performing various system maintenance tasks (your hands get dirty here), and handling on-call duties gracefully

  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools (Travis CI or Jenkins or TeamCity or Circle CI or similar)

  • Experience in deploying and supporting various types of database systems (MongoDB or PostgreSQL or Redis or InfluxDB or similar)

  • Experience with aspects of network security, application security, security protocols, cryptography, etc.

  • Familiarity with Node.js and JavaScript testing frameworks (Mocha or Tap or QUnit or Cucumber or similar)

  • Experience with APM solutions is a plus (Boundary or Pingdom or NewRelic or Splunk Storm or similar)

You should love gathering and graphing metrics, analyzing data to spot trends in the quality of our applications, and just generally be a data junkie.