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Self-driven Frontend Developer for Lead Web Development Role


We are a young startup that aggregates cars for sale on the internet and show them one place. We use machine learning to e.g. estimate a fair price on any given car given the data in the market. We are growing quickly and need more developing hands. We are currently looking for a person that is self-driven and motivated to build a cool web-app. You will be inspired by our design and marketing teams who will create some amazing visuals that you can work from, and you will work closely with our back-end team for communicating with our API. We currently have a simple web-app writing in VueJS, but we're looking to rewrite the site for better SEO.

What you will do

  • You don't have to work with VueJS - any suitable framework is an option

  • You will develop the web-app from scratch (you can use the current one for inspiration)

  • With our marketing team you will make sure that we work towards an optimal SEO

  • With help from our DevOps and Back-end engineers you will deploy the app to a suitable CDN

Skills & Requirements

  • Great understanding of Javascript and relevant web frameworks

  • Great understanding of HTTP

  • Great understanding of best practices in software development

  • Can build beautiful web with html and css

  • Self-driven and motivated

  • Disciplined and reliable to get stuff done

  • We expect that you can handle the flexible working hours responsibly