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Software Engineer (React)


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Headquarters: Boise, ID
URL: https://convertkit.com/mission

You will be joining a team of engineers to help build many of the user facing features of our product. You'll spend a lot of time writing JavaScript, but own entire features, which means you're comfortable working with or learning Ruby on Rails. Some of your projects might be more Ruby than JavaScript, but it's okay if you need some extra time to ramp up with Ruby. You'll collaborate with designers, product managers, and other engineers in an autonomous and supportive environment. Here are a few examples of projects that the team you'll be joining has worked on recently:
  • Changing our React landing page editor to support adding and editing multiple pages
  • Rewriting our sequence editor to support our new React based email editor
  • Upgrading our JavaScript build process to load less on every page
  • Adding more features to our landing page builder to enable creators to create unique designs

To apply: https://apply.workable.com/convertkit/j/FA7B27D8FD/