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Posted 10 months ago

Front End Developer

Marie Forleo International, Inc.

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Headquarters: Marie Forleo International, Inc.
URL: http://www.marieforleo.com

 You’re a creative, positive, hardworking senior level Full Stack Developer who lives and breathes pixel-perfection.

You thrive in a fast-paced, creative environment. Making sure the customer has an excellent digital experience is always front-of-mind.

This position is responsible for ensuring our digital properties are cutting edge, work seamlessly, and are fast as lightning. You’ll work closely with a Project Manager, and our Creative Team and Operations Team to create excellent websites and experiences. 

Additionally, you’ll work with the Development Team to modify, enhance and optimize our existing codebase, as well as develop new features for both Team Forleo and our customers. You’ll also work to build and maintain systems/processes to connect the various third-party applications we use to run our business.

As a part of our team, you’ll wear many hats and have the opportunity to help grow and shape the future of our company. The only limit is your drive, commitment and imagination.

Reading this makes you say, “WHOA — that’s ME!”:
  • You’re an effective, clear communicator in all formats with great people skills
  • You have a curious, efficient, and solution-oriented mindset
  • You’re practically always on time (or early) and strive to deliver ahead of deadlines
  • You have excellent project management skills and are able to juggle multiple projects while communicating honestly about your timelines, challenges and questions
  • You do great work autonomously and as part of a highly collaborative team (you’ll need to do both here!)
  • You’re excited about co-creating the big picture vision and overall tech plan for the company
  • When a mission-critical project happens, you work until the job gets done
  • You do whatever it takes and the phrase “That’s not my job” is not a part of your vocabulary
  • You’re hyper focused on getting the details right — you don’t do sloppy work or let little things slip through the cracks
  • You’re on top of the latest and greatest in techniques, trends and technologies
  • You live and breathe pixel-perfection
  • You know what it takes to build web applications and websites
  • You have proven experience with and an understanding of cloud architecture
  • You have strong knowledge of WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields
  • You’re experienced in designing and implementing REST API’s
  • You have proven experience in database (DBMS) technology and caching mechanisms
  • You have proven experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, and PHP
  • You have experience with JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular or React
  • You have a knowledge of version control systems, such as Git

 In an ideal world, you have:
  • 5-7 years full stack experience
  • The ability to quickly resolve issues as they arise
  • Strong knowledge of Liquid
  • Sharp analytical abilities, excellent communication skills, capable of working effectively in a dynamic environment
  • A strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive
  • A strong focus on UX/UI design and development
  • Knowledge developing responsive designs
  • Photoshop knowledge

 This position is not for you if:
  • You have personal drama
  • You don’t really commit wholeheartedly to anything
  • You think self-help is weird
  • You have no sense of humor
  • You don’t live and work in the continental United States

The nitty gritty:
  • We’re open to this being a full time employee or freelance position
  • We strive to keep meetings to a minimum while having enough structure to foster collaboration and keep projects on track and on time. 
  • Full-time employees get 6 weeks paid vacation, 401K, health/dental insurance, inspiration days, paid holidays, and competitive pay
  • Your location isn’t as important as your attitude and talent, but it’s required that you live and work in the continental United States and are eligible to work in the United States
  • This is a virtual position working with our stellar virtual team

Marie Forleo International is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply, please email us your resume and provide us with your information/answers listed below to: 
workwithus@marieforleo.com. You must apply by 11:59 pm Eastern US time on December 13, 2019. 

  • Name
  • Email
  • Your location (city and state)
  • Website URL (if applicable)
  • LinkedIn (if applicable)
  • How did you hear about this opportunity? 
  • Why do you want to work with us?
  • Tell us about your experience being part of a small technical team.
  • Tell us about your experience working closely with a design team.
  • What is your favorite programming language and why?
  • Complete this Action Challenge: 
  • What are three ways you’d recommend we improve our page load time on marieforleo.com? The design should remain the same.
  • Team Forleo is upgrading its checkout systems and would like to use both Stripe and PayPal to collect payments. However, these systems don’t directly integrate together. Without using an additional third-party checkout, what considerations would you take to ensure data is collected seamlessly between systems and that the customer has an excellent experience?
  • What are the top three security concerns you have with WordPress and how would you address them?
  • When you start your day on Monday, you open your inbox to three new support requests from the weekend customer happiness team. You have two other developers to support you with these requests, and they are working hard to close out the final bugs for a new program that will launch on Wednesday. What would you prioritize and why:
  • Closing out bugs, time estimate: 12 hours, due EOD Tuesday
  • New support request: Our primary lead generation form has stopped sending data to our CRM, time estimate: 3 hours
  • New support request: Our tool to merge duplicate customer records has stopped working, time estimate: 4 hours
  • New support request: The form to purchase our $30 audiobook will not submit, time estimate: 6 hours


To apply: workwithus@marieforleo.com