Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote)

 9 months ago

We are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our distributed team and work on challenging eCommerce projects.

We're a consulting agency with a full-remote culture and team members all over the world.

We specialize in building bespoke eCommerce experiences for international clients across a wide array of industries, and we are the main contributors and directors of the Solidus framework.

We're a growing team of friendly people with a culture based on continuous learning, transparency, collaboration and quality over quantity.

What you'll do

You will design, build and maintain world-class eCommerce experiences for some of the most popular digitally-native vertical brands. We mainly work with Shopify, Shopify Plus and Solidus.

We practice servant leadership and enable all team members to participate in every step of the process, so you'll interact with business stakeholders directly to discuss their vision and identify the best way to get there.

Open-source is at the heart of who we are, so you will also participate in the Solidus community, and you will write open-source code for Solidus and other projects.

About the hiring process

A complete overview of our hiring process is in the Hiring chapter of our playbook. Check it out!


The ideal candidate will have experience building robust, production-grade frontend applications with a wide range of frontend technologies and deployment strategies. At the very least, we expect real-world experience with at least one major frontend framework (React, Vue or others) and a static site generator (Next, Nuxt, Gatsby or others).

We value people who are empathetic, great communicators and have a passion for growing and sharing their knowledge with other team members.

Nice-to-haves include: previous consulting experience, experience with backend technologies, experience participating in and contributing to open-source projects.


  • Competitive salary. It's never about the money, until it is. We compensate people fairly and transparently, so that salary is never an issue.

  • Remote-first culture. We've been a distributed company since day one. Every process is obsessively designed for effective remote work and collaboration.

  • Mentoring. Everyone is assigned a mentor — a teammate who ensures you're always growing both personally and professionally.

  • Awesome colleagues. You should look forward to being at work. You’ll be surrounded by people who are great at what they do and fun to be around.

  • Investment time. You can use up to 10% of your regular work hours for whatever you want, so you'll have no excuses for not starting that side project.

  • Flexible work hours. As long as you’re doing great work and enjoying it, we don’t really care if it’s a standard 9-to-5 or a more exotic schedule.

  • Paid conferences. Want to attend that conference? Let us know and we’ll happily pay for the trip, the hotel and the tickets.

  • Team retreats. When pandemics allow it, we meet up once a year to spend some quality time together, reflect on our journey and have some fun.

  • Learning stipend. If you need to buy books, courses, workshops or anything else that will contribute to your growth, let us know and we might be able to help!

  • Paid hardware and software. You get best-of-class hardware and whatever software you need to get the job done.




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