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Senior Full-Stack (JS and RoR) Developer


About this job

Job type:Full-time Experience level:Mid-Level, Senior, Lead Role:Frontend Developer

Remote details

Employer's note:We're looking for someone in the DC to Richmond, VA area-ish; however, we could live with the NE corridor-ish. More in the posting.


angularjs ruby vue.js react angular

Job description

Are you a versatile developer (frontend and backend) with a touch of UX designer who is obsessive about creating thoughtful software that improves someone’s day? If so, we’d love to chat with you about adding some firepower to our senior product team -- a team who is actively helping women’s health providers spend more quality time with patients by fundamentally re-imagining their daily digital workflows.  

Update on 'Location' : So, while we do have the 'remote' flag on, we're *ideally* looking for someone in the Richmond, VA area-ish (think: 2 hour train ride, so DC to Raleigh to Charlottesville); however, we could live with the NE corridor-ish (think: <2 hour flight; our VP Engineering is near Boston), too. Our CEO works in an office in Arlington, VA, if you want to keep him company. Or, put another way: are you available to be in the Richmond, VA virtual office once every month-ish? Yeah, That'd be greaaaaaat... Don't forget the cover page on those TPS reports either.

Ideally you are as eager and passionate as we are about:

  • Crafting thoughtful user experiences that help people (in our case doctors, nurses, and medical assistants) make the best decisions possible while removing tedious BS from their daily workflow.

  • reducing the large amount of time that clinicians spend on documenting what they have already done (go ahead -- ask your doctor about how much they like their EHR (electronic health record) next time you’re sick)

  • re-imagining not only the traditional user experiences & workflow of EHRs, but also the medium through which the latest medical best practices can be actionably and seamlessly incorporated into delivering care.

OK, you may not be super-passionate about these things right now (let’s face it -- medical workflows and “EHRs” sound pretty boring on paper), but you will be. Why? Because you’ll be building software that fixes INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING experiences for doctors.  And it’s incredibly satisfying to modernize, replace & improve outdated, problematic software.  It’s important. And you’ll be loved/adored for it.  (And once you see the way this stuff is currently done, you’ll be left scratching your head or otherwise disappointed)

A little about us...

We’re a small-but-mighty with funding and a strategic partnership with the most influential voice in women’s health: the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (ACOG).

Our mission is to remove the digital roadblocks that interfere with healthcare providers’ ability to spend quality time with patients (Oh, and we try to help them make better decisions along the way as well).

...A Lot About You

Ideally, you are a multitalented wunderkind who runs circles around each of the below bullet points, but let’s be real: while some of these are must-have, many are wish-list.  We may have gotten a bit carried away with these, so if feel your unique combination of skills is close-ish to the mark, don’t hesitate to reach out. In fact, do so enthusiastically.

  • ...you’re a software craftsperson with a roll-up-your-sleeves mentality -- there’s a lot of thoughtful, nuanced, nitty gritty work to get done.

  • … you have “X years of experience”  Pshaw. We aren’t big on formal requirements in the credentials department; rather, we want to see what you’ve worked on.  Show us a project you’re proud of that you shipped and we’ll start the conversation from there. But let’s not kid ourselves -- you should absolutely come without training wheels.

  • ... you are comfortable shifting gears between front-end Javascript and back-end Ruby-on-Rails when you need to… We have some folks who are stronger on the front end and some folks who are stronger on the back end.  Our ideal is someone who has excellent design sensibilities and a firm grasp of HTML5 / CSS / SASS, ui toolkits like bootstrap, but also can talk about and implement good APIs to talk to the front end and also write code to connect to other APIs from our backend.  

  • … you’re pretty opinionated about your design choices and can easily articulate/defend your design decisions/rationale when asked “Why did you <insert observation that challenges your design choice>?”

  • … you have solid AngularJS front-end development chops.  But, because you love javascript frameworks in general, you’ve played around with -- and probably are opinionated about -- other frameworks like Angular(7), React, and Vue.js.

  • ... you have solid Ruby on Rails development jobs.,  Or, because you love software development in general, you're not worried about picking it up because you have other back-end experience that translates.

  • ...you should be able to design, architect & implement solutions that reflect your particular problem-solving approach (...and you’ll probably be solving a problem that was based on a story that you yourself were instrumental in either eliciting or refining).

  • … you’re a natural Design Thinker.  Therefore, you’re good at leveraging your empathy to investigate both known and ambiguous aspects of a complex, convoluted story (lots of these in healthcare!) in order to discover hidden parameters and open alternative paths which may lead to the real story.  

  • …  you have an admirable understanding of the principles behind a good* RESTful API design.  (*But also know enough to not let perfect get in the way of the good)

  • … you’re comfortable/knowledgeable with git.  CI experience a bonus, but not required.

  • … you’ve worked at startups before or have always been looking for an excuse to.

  • … you work well in a loosely structured PM/Managerial environment (we’re agile with a “little a”)

Us + You?

As the newest member our product team, you’ll be an integral part of every aspect of our business strategy, dev roadmap, technology architecture decisions, and, undoubtedly, will wear a lot of hats.  

Ones of these hats -- in addition to your techie/design hats -- will almost certainly be the Customer Hat. At Dorsata, we are fervent (rabidly obsessive, really) believers in frequent, high-touch interactions with our involved, loyal customer base, who drives our roadmap.  As we've grown, developers are often removed from the day-to-day, but you should be the type of person who is able to empathize and ask good questions of customers.

Obligatory message:  If you're a third-party recruiter who is looking to send us resumes, please don't. We don't accept resumes from third-party recruiters. No, we're not interested in how Yet Another Recruiting company can help us make the world a better place, etc.; we already know good people who do that when we need to. (We're amazed at the number of random LinkedIn messages from recruiters we see, both on the hiring and job seeking side. Yes, you're great human beings, but please move along.)

About Dorsata

Dorsata’s clinical workflow intelligence platform is designed to work both top of and inside of the existing electronic health records (EHRs) that our customers use. The ACOG Prenatal Record -- our flagship product for the Dorsata platform -- is an AngularJS/Rails SPA designed collaboratively with women’s health providers to support the way that they work & think -- not tell them how to work & think (or add additional clerical burdens to their already-busy day). We want practitioners of women’s health to feel like they are using a piece of software not only designed for them, but by them.  

More About Us :

How We Interview & Hire

Like many of the other startups you are currently perusing on stackoverflow/angellist/hired/vettery/reddit/linkedIn/etc., our interview process begins with an intro call to help you learn more about the role, for us to hear more about you, and to help the two of us decide if Dorsata is a mutual fit. If we move forward, the next step will be a more in depth call with us that dives into some problem solving about healthcare.  Based on that problem solving exercise, we do a quick real-world based coding test to make sure you actually do know AngularJS (or React or Vue or AngularX) / what a computer is.

We're small, so we also like to have people talk to our CEO.

Benefits / Perks / Comp

  • Health Insurance / Dental

  • Market salary + equity participation opportunity

  • We are remote first, though we do have some space in Arlington, VA.  If you like, go for an occasional stints in Antarctica, though we operate on the East Coast timezone and get together every 6 weeks in person.  Also, Antartica is cold.

  • Fun, friendly & delightfully BS-free work environment

Joel Test

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