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(very) Senior Frontend Developer


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Headquarters: All the places
URL: https://www.groovehq.com/about

Groove is looking for a very senior frontend developer to help us accelerate our pursuit of building the best damn customer support tools on the planet.

You may have heard of us from our blog (in fact, we’d prefer if you have, or have at least read it before applying), or from seeing us in places like TheNextWeb, KISSmetrics, Buffer, Copyblogger, Hacker News or elsewhere around the web.

This gig is not for the unseasoned. We need someone who’s been in the trenches and helped grow a B2B SaaS company. A coder and a leader, with an obsession for pixel-perfect designs and smooth animations. A craftsman with the fire to help us execute on our product roadmap and move us along on our journey to 10MM in ARR.

We’ve got a tight, scrappy team of former CTOs and founders working to make our app simpler, stronger and better. We’ve put the time into talking with our customers and hitting product/market fit, and we need your help to make it beautiful. 

From the technical side, here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Javascript and CSS inside-out (including all those fancy transitions)

  • Redux (and hopefully selectors)

  • Browser quirks (looking at you mobile Safari)

  • Git (with a team)

Bonus points if you hacked on a PWA or have played with React Native.

Experience working remotely is the only other requirement. You’ll be joining a completely remote team that knows how hackers work best. Meetings are kept to a minimum and everyone is left to get things done. Familiarity with Slack is a plus, and advanced-level Giphy skills will take you far.

If you’ve helped a fast-moving team win before and are ready to do it again, we want you on board. Our work impacts thousands of businesses around the globe, and we have our sights (very publicly) set on massive growth goals. If you think you can help us get there and are ready to join the family, email us at wewantyou@groovehq.com.

To apply: https://www.groovehq.com/career-application