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Mid-Level Frontend Developer


Mid-level Frontend Developer We are hiring for a mid-level frontend developer who can work alongside our designers and full stack developers to create an well structured and visually consistent design system for our app. This position would be in our product development division, which is building out several new products for our main app, BriteCore. We are interested in building a team of frontend experts who could assist our full stack developers in working with our design system. The kind of work we do BriteCore is essentially a CMS for insurance companies. They use it to manage all aspects of their business, including tracking policies, managing contacts and handling claims. This means our users typically see our app more as a business tool like Microsoft Word or Google Sheets than a website (even though it is completely a web-based app). They also are using BriteCore for several hours every day, and are concerned with doing things quickly and efficiently. This, along with the complicated nature of insurance, means we deal with some complex workflows, and try to set ourselves apart from our competitors with a smooth UX that helps them navigate these tough processes. What you might be doing Traditionally at BriteCore, full stack developers have done almost all of the development work. We haven’t been specialized into frontend or backend roles. This means our full stack developers are all working together to build out a Vue.js-based frontend and design system, but we’d like to have a team of mid-level frontend developers who can help create components, document standards, and continue to improve this design system as these products grow. As a mid-level frontend developer, you could be doing the following:

  • Help draft standards around JS conventions

  • Create a new layout framework in CSS Grid

  • Work with a designer to implement new components

  • Improve our utilization of Vuex

  • Architect and implement highly reusable, configurable Vue components

  • Improve our testing framework to ensure components can be safely and predictably modified

  • Create easier ways for our clients to add UI customizations and theming

What it is like to work at BriteCore BriteCore is a remote-first company — even employees who live in our home city of Springfield, MO usually work from home! And most of the people you will work with are scattered across the US and the globe. This means that remote team members are just as much part of the company as local employees. We also allow a lot of flexibility in terms of time off. In return, we expect all of our employees to be productive and accountable, which means you'll work alongside a great, dedicated team. Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Several years of experience in the field is preferred

  • Vue.js experience highly preferred, frontend JS framework experience required

  • Review code and PRs, and provide constructive feedback to team members

  • Communicate clearly and effectively over chat and video conference

  • Welcome feedback and collaboration

  • Be friendly, confident, and patient with others

  • Ship code on time

  • Self-direct

  • Stay familiar with the latest web development trends

  • Be online and working, Monday through Friday, from roughly 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. UTC

Technologies we use

  • JavaScript (ES6)

  • Vue.js

  • Node.js

  • Webpack

  • HTML5

  • SCSS

  • Python

  • Django and Django REST Framework

  • GraphQL

  • MySQL

  • GitHub

  • Linux (Command line knowledge such as BASH, ZSH, or FISH)

  • Docker

  • Amazon Web Services

Benefits and Compensation

  • US$50k-70k annual salary, highly based on experience and proven performance

  • Benefit from working alongside and observing a team of world-class engineers and designers

  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage including medical, dental, and vision

  • Flexible schedule

  • Relaxed work environment

  • Remote work

  • Flexible learning time — explore your ideas and new technologies on the clock