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Principal Full-Stack Product Engineer @ Fintech Start-Up | Top VC's | $150k + 1%

Trellis Technologies

This opportunity is for someone excited for:

  • Ownership

  • Breadth of responsibility

  • Impact

  • Start-ups

  • Executive & strategic leadership

What we're looking for:

  • Mastery of ES6, Node, and React

  • Product-oriented – you care "why" instead of just building to a spec

  • Fast pace

  • Ownership mentality

  • Professional, craftsperson mindset

What it's like here:

  • 100% Remote

  • Daily stand-ups at 10am PT

  • Highly collaborative environment via Slack and Google Hangouts

  • Kanban

Our technology:

  • ES6 full-stack: Node + React

  • Puppeteer powers our core web scraping technology

  • Google Cloud Platform - we're as serverless as possible

  • NOT just another CRUD application – we are solving genuinely challenging technical problems

Our values:

  • Extreme Ownership: We fulfill our promises to each other and to our customers. We own our responsibilities 110%.

  • Speed: We work quickly and pragmatically.

  • Grit: We're resilient and relentless against super hard problems.

  • Collaboration: We work transparently, solicit feedback, and leave our egos at the door.

  • Craftsmanship: We're craftspeople constantly learning and working at bettering ourselves and the way that we work.