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Full Stack or Front End Developer

Agency, Mai?

Headquarters: London, UK
URL: http://agencymai.com

We're looking for a highly a developer who enjoys a range of challenges, and can work with a team (designers, project managers, etc.) to build sites, pages, apps etc. that make a real difference to our clients' businesses. You'll need fluent English language skills (native or very good), to be comfortable talking on Skype/Stride/Slack, in a European time zone (good team communication is vital!), highly intelligent, with very strong programming skills - but most importantly, with a desire to get even better and learn even more.

There isn’t a single tech stack that we’re looking for. Better that you are great at whatever it is that you do do, and eager to learn more. We can work around any particular skill that you might happen to miss at the moment. This is particularly true since we have a lot of different work coming up. Right now, we have: 
  • A full time 1-2 month contract (December/January) on a Progressive Web App that will take a ton of data and make it beautiful.
  • An existing team that needs a new developer to join to keep developing an enterprise-level business system.
  • A full or part time contract (few weeks) to “add beauty” (transitions, animations, etc.) on a set of landing pages.
  • Ongoing work on a range of WordPress sites and a Vue.js app that needs further development.
So you can see that there is a good spread of technologies in use, and we don’t expect anyone to be great at everything. If you seem like a good fit for the team then we can find a project that suits you and shuffle the existing team around a little as required. 

To apply please start off by: 
  • Telling us which of those projects would suit you best, and why.
  • And then showing us a couple of examples of the coolest, wildest, most insane or difficult things you've done, either front or back end.
Yes, we'd like to see a CV and know about your academic qualifications and see a list of your past sites and so on - the usual stuff - but really: tell us what you want to do and show us cool stuff! And then we can talk and see if there is a fit between us. 

Thanks for reading - and if this sounds like you, then we look forward to hearing from you!

To apply: http://Email: questions@agencymai.com