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Front-End Permanent Web Developer

Pivotal Energy Solutions

Web / Django Developer

     Pivotal Energy Solutions is looking for an experienced front-end developer to add to our growing team. We are an Software Company focused on providing high quality software to the Energy Sector.  We develop all of our code using the Django (Back) with an  Angular / Vue.js (Front) sitting on an AWS Webstack and are looking to add a solid front-developer to meet our growing demand.  Once again we are growing and now we need your help! 

Tip: Absolutely no recruiters, we will work with local US candidates only.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum 2.5 years understanding of Angular / React and or Vue.js

  • Direct experience with state management libraries such as redux and vex.

  • Direct experience with automated browser testing, jest and puppeteer

  • Direct experience with Webpack.

  • Understanding of https methods.

  • Ability to work with backend developers on defining API endpoints.

  • Understanding or knowledge with transitioning front end frameworks. (Angular to React)

  • Candidate should possess solid debugging/troubleshooting skills.

  • Good communication skills


  • Experience utilizing third party applications from install using npm to implementation in the application.

  • Familiarity with modern javascript (es6) including, but not limited to arrow functions, newer array/object methods, etc.

  • Experience with Django Rest Framework API.

  • Understanding and knowledge or docker

We are based out of Phoenix AZ.   Remote work is acceptable, but you must be a US Citizen.

If you meet this criteria please send an email with your phone number and a copy of your resume / qualifications to.