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Senior React Developer


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Headquarters: San Francisco / Singapore
URL: https://www.yup.gg

Yup.gg is looking for a senior react developer with experience developing frontend solutions for mobile and desktop.  As the engineer, you should understand the pros and cons of different frameworks, have experience optimizing pages for fast real and 'perceived' user load time, and enjoy/appreciate developing beautiful, intuitive UI.

What you will be doing:
  • As a frontend engineer you will work collaboratively with product leadership and UI/UX experts to create beautiful, responsive and intuitive experiences.
  • Grow the skills of other engineers on the team through mentorship, code and design reviews, and creating process.
  • You will be building an architecture that allows us to efficiently analyze data and provide insights to both brands and creators alike.
  • You will create features to help gamers and content creators build a living and a career doing something that they love.

Desired Experience:
  • You've been shipping production code for 5+ years.
  • You've worked in MVC and can mentor people on the correct separation of concerns.
  • You are proficient with JavaScript, cross browser HTML, CSS, and the React ecosystem (i.e. Redux, CSS-in-JS, etc).
  • You have deep understanding of the HTTP protocol, browser networking, and performance.
  • You have the ability to design and ship scalable systems. When our user base triples, your code won't trickle.
  • You have excellent knowledge of software engineering best practices (e.g. Agile software development, test-driven development, unit testing, code reviews, design documentation, etc…)
  • You write code that lasts, i.e. it's flexible enough to survive product iterations and scaling. It's easy enough to understand that others are not tempted to rewrite it.

App Tech Stack
- React
- Rails 6

Submission Requirements
- Cover letter explaining why you're interested in the opportunity
- Your resume
- Links to projects you've worked on in the past
- What is your typical rate

To apply: jobs@yup.gg