AI Real Estate Start-up Hiring Full Stack Developer


 22 days ago

We’re looking for a FullStack developer to work on several in-house projects for us.  We have a RoR/Vue.js application called Spacetrics that helps real estate organizations make better decisions by polling hundreds to thousands of people via our web based Vue.js app through open conversational feedback that is then transcribed and run through sentiment analysis.  Our other application, OfficeTour is a React Native application that also helps real estate leasing companies better track sales leads with integrated video chats and trackable presentations.  And we have a couple other smaller applications to that we need some assistance on.

We are looking for an experienced US based developer who can spend 10-20 hours a week on an ongoing basis.  We work in one week sprints and you’ll only work on one project per week with generally no more than two projects per month.

Things we’re looking for:
• Confidence — an attitude of knowing that you can “figure it out” is so helpful and therefore encourage
• Experience — a good understanding of back end logic patterns across languages to a joy (even if it’s acquired) of tweaking front end code for pixel perfect renderings
• Communication — every job post says this, but here is a good example.  Let’s say you stuck on a task that you thought would take half a day but it’s creeping into a whole day.  Do you reach out and ask for help or do you just keep muddling through?  Communicating where you are and if you need help is always encouraged 🙂

Why you may love this job
• We have some awesome world class clients who using our software
• We are a very small group and you’ll take on a lot quickly — right now we are interacting through some pilots so we’ve passed the build the application and we’re on to tweak/optimize stuff
• We don’t do default to fire drills — we plan everything in one week sprints so you can focus your time.  We don’t deviate from that (at least not often).
• We are 100% remote — our team of 4 is in the US.  We are looking to bring on another developer (hopefully you) who is in the US too.
• There is opportunity to grow — this position, while starting out part-time — will likely convert to full time work later this summer.  If you’re someone who wants to just work part time, that can work too.  We would keep you on and hire another developer full-time then.  There’s plenty of work.

Specific technologies:
• Heroku
• Git
• Google Cloud Services
• IBM Watson




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