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Software Development Project Manager

Dillon Software, Inc.

We are looking for a Project Manager to fill a senior position responsible for managing multiple software development initiatives while helping Dillon Software and our clients mature our shared Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) methodologies. 

Working closely with our clients and our leaders, the Project Manager’s focus will be two-fold: to drive continuous improvement of our hybrid agile SDLC methodologies, and to implement those methodologies to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations in both process and outcome.

The successful candidate will have excellent English communication skills and proven leadership skills, and will possess a deep understanding of formal project management methodologies, processes and tools as demonstrated by extensive experience managing medium, large and enterprise-level software development projects.  In addition, the successful candidate will have a strong understanding of our technical environment, including:

  • Web (React.js) and mobile (Swift, Kotlin) application development

  • Content protection mechanisms (FairPlay, DASH, HLS, encryption)

  • RESTful and GraphQL web services

  • Search services (ElasticSearch)

  • Relational Databases (PostgreSQL, Oracle)

  • Amazon AWS services, cloud-based infrastructure, devops

Position Responsibilities

  • Ensure Client Success

    • Engage client stakeholders to acquire and internally communicate a deep knowledge of the client’s history, values, culture, team and processes for collaborating with Dillon Software;

    • Engage client stakeholders to acquire an understanding of their software development methodology and processes, and to align Dillon Software and client development efforts;

    • Engage client stakeholders to acquire and internally communicate a deep knowledge of the client’s business strategies, objectives and goals and how they translate into the client’s software functional requirements;

    • Learn and stay proficient in our technology stack, tools and implementations in order to provide effective functional and technical consultation to the client;

    • Drive alignment with the client on clear definitions of success at the Epic and Story levels for their functional requirements, including how those requirements translate into detailed designs;

    • Manage and mentor individuals within Dillon Software, particularly the team members that interact directly with the client.

  • Manage Client Projects

    • Function as the primary point of contact for the client at the project level, including consulting the client in the definition of achievable functional and technical priorities relative to scope, schedule and budget;

    • Build and maintain Dillon Software’s components of the project’s budget and schedule, and work with the client to integrate those components into the overall project plan;

    • Effectively share the client’s business requirements and priorities with our team;

    • Drive engagement and collaboration between the client and our team leads to translate the business requirements into a clear and technically actionable, functional, user experience and user interface designs;

    • Drive engagement and collaboration between our teams to decompose the client’s design into well-defined technical deliverables and work plans that are aligned with the clear set of established client priorities;

    • Follow up and manage progress with our team leads to ensure delivery of client projects within agreed upon schedule and budget;

    • Lead all project-level communication within Dillon Software to the client, including maintaining and submitting regularly scheduled progress reports.

  • Drive Project Management Best Practices

    • Lead collaboration with our senior staff in the continuous improvement of internal SDLC processes and tools;

    • With forethought for balancing the existing and anticipated demands across the entire portfolio of projects, proactively make decisions to resolve competing resource allocation requirements;

    • Anticipate and remove roadblocks while holding teams accountable for our commitments to the client.

Position Skills and Competencies

Required Skills and Competencies:

  • 5+ years of Software Development Project Management experience, including business and team management experience that consistently meets or exceeds client expectations;

  • Demonstrated expert-level experience in both Agile and traditional project management principles and practices, including the ability to appropriately blend them together according to the specific business context;

  • Demonstrated success at managing and delivering large, complex software development projects involving multiple geographically dispersed functional and technical teams;

  • Demonstrated experience overseeing multi-function project teams, including business analysts, designers, architects, developers, and QA personnel;

  • Deep business acumen that is sufficient to collaborate with clients in developing strategies and solutions of high business value with a high degree of credibility;

  • A depth of technical understanding that is sufficient to be able to accurately and objectively evaluate complex project issues and risks with a high degree of credibility;

  • A depth of understanding and experience with relevant processes and tools related to Agile and traditional project management (e.g., Jira, MS Project, etc. or equivalent);

  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, including clear and concise verbal and written communication and the ability to discuss and describe highly technical issues in non-technical terms.

  • Outstanding analytical, planning and organizational skills, including the ability to calmly, efficiently and effectively manage and resolve conflicts inherent in competing demands;

Desired Skills and Competencies:

  • Experience working with media and/or ecommerce software solutions;

  • Experience working on web and mobile software solutions;

  • Basic knowledge of relational database technology, including experience writing SQL;

  • Project Management Certification

Desired Personality Traits

  • Driven by values that inspire investment through the cultivation of trust-based relationships;

  • Passionate about achieving client satisfaction through quality and continuous improvement;

  • Self-motivated, proactive problem solver willing to take initiative and drive resolution of issues;

  • Unafraid of change and able to adapt and learn quickly;

  • Critical thinker with good logical and creative problem-solving skills.