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React Developer


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Headquarters: Philadelphia
URL: https://socialie.com

Hi, we're Socialie!

We power social media content distribution for sports, media and entertainment companies.

We're looking for an awesome React developer to join our team. We also use Rails, and would love it if you are interested in working across the entire stack.

We're small team, so we get to wear a lot of hats. We have some challenging UI/UX problems to solve and lots of UI's to build. We also have fun problems to solve in areas like image/video analysis and facial recognition. We're also dreaming about machine learning (someday). You will get to work on all of this, if you join us!

Required skillset:
2+ years experience with React

Familiarity with:

You can recognize problems w/UI's and offer alternatives
You can implement custom designs using HTML / CSS / Javascript
You can work within an existing design system to create new components
Responsive web development 

To apply: sunil@socialie.com