Full-Stack Engineer: Special Projects

 a month ago

Medal.tv is one of the fastest-growing consumer applications in gaming! Our users capture and share millions of videos every week, and connect with one another around their shared gaming experiences.

We are an international fully remote team, where everyone works autonomously with the expectations that you can be available for team syncs in the same core hours (9:00 am and 12:00 pm PST). The exact times and days vary per team.

This role is not restricted to one of our core teams but instead is tied to the demands of our platform growth and creators for special projects and features. You will iterate quickly and see which features stick. You'll work with several parts of the stack and work directly with leadership and our community to ship features regularly. Our stack includes React, Electron, C#, and Java. We don't expect experience with all of these, but we do expect you to be able to learn quickly and pick up what you need to know. The majority of work will be in React and our Electron app.

You'll be working with a talented remote team of engineers with a history of working with large-scale applications. Your work will be used by millions of people around the world and help create new experiences for the next generation of gamers. You will be helping us scale the platform to 100+ million users by building high-quality features that our creators love.

As a team, we favor progress, learning, and speed, over perfection.


  • Proficient with React: You'll spend most of your time building things with React and will need to understand modern React practices (and Javascript / NodeJS in general)

  • Strong with OOP: While most of our stack is JavaScript, when it comes to Electron and our backend, a strong understanding of object-oriented programming is required

  • Ownership & attention to detail: You enjoy making things that are a pleasure to use

  • Performance is key: Excellent understanding of code performance and performance implications in production

  • Be result-driven: Everything we do is driven by the metrics and performance of the feature. We move fast and ship regularly.

  • Execution: Experience shipping features or products with many users


  • Electron, React, Redux, & other modern web-based technologies

  • C# and C++ for native windows recording & more

  • Swift for iOS, Kotlin for Android

  • Java, Redis, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes for backend

  • Terraform, Salt, GitHub Actions, CircleCI for IaC and CI/CD


  • A passion for games and the gaming communities

  • Experience with various parts of our stack

  • A regular user of other popular apps for gamers, such as Discord

  • Experience working on gaming related projects


  • Fully remote work environment

  • Unlimited PTO (4+ weeks standard)

  • Home office budget

  • Team gatherings once we can travel again

  • Paid parental leave: 20 weeks for primary caregiver and 12 weeks for secondary

  • Full Medical for employee and two dependents (US employees only)

  • Full Dental and Vision for employee and all dependents (US employees only)

  • 401K (US employees only)

  • All the fun and frolics that come with working for a gaming company


We hope to hear from you! When you apply, please make sure to include:

  • Links to apps you’ve released/portfolio, and a description of your contributions

  • Links to any online profiles (Github, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)

  • A description of your professional experience (resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, or similar)

As a heads up, our typical recruitment process is:

  • Phone screening

  • Up to four interviews with different team members

  • Reference checks

  • Offer

If you made it all the way here, include “gg” in your note and we will give you a virtual high-five when we talk!




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