Fullstack Software Engineer

 Catapult Services LLC
 a month ago

What you're good at:
You know what separates good code from great code - any programmer can write code that a computer understands, but great programmers write code that a human can understand. You have a mutual understanding with QA testers and work together to make things right. You are most likely to strike up a conversation at happy hours about the latest technology trends and techniques to increase productivity. Despite the blank stares, you have an effective way of explaining technical problems to non-technical people (the others as we call them). You enjoy mentoring young talent (no, not coffee runs), being a team player, and being the voice of reason when it comes to user experience.

What our client is good at:
Our client is the poster child for an agile, tech company that puts aside politics and process to create some really amazing things. Designing and building our client's platform is an exciting challenge. Our client requires the brightest developers, designers and QA testers to bring desktop software functionality to the web, often pushing the limits of web browsers.

Welcome to a team that does seriously innovative work without taking themselves too seriously. They tell you to bring your full self to work and mean it (how refreshing?), and they are equally focused on you coaching them, as they are on coaching you. That means you have a seat at the table, a voice in what they do, and ownership to make it happen. Their culture is unmatched - everyone is an equal, friends before coworkers and stewards of ethical, user-driven technology.

We know the perks matter so here are some of the great rewards that our client offers:

  • Competitive salary
  • 100% fully-remote work for work-life balance (no, not just because of the pandemic)
  • Great work-life balance including a 40-hour typical workweek, unlimited PTO, and half-day Fridays
  • Stock options
  • Premium health insurance
  • Top-line gear (15 Macbook Pro, iPad, external monitor, etc.)
  • Paid parental leave
  • Virtual team-building experiences and an amazing company culture

What's the opportunity?
As a Senior Software Engineer, you'll bring your expertise and passion for writing clean code and developing seamless user experiences to a small, fast-paced team. Our codebase is mainly built in JavaScript and comprises multiple single-page applications that are client-focused. With our studio architected around the HTML5 Canvas element, we use jQuery, RequireJS, and Backbone.js, and we recently launched a frontend migration to React. Our current server-side infrastructure runs Node.js, Express, Redis, AWS Aurora, Docker and Jenkins on the Amazon Web Services cloud.

In this role, you'll:

  • Writing maintainable code (probably goes without saying)
  • Working with some of the best QA testers to resolve bugs
  • Being a release owner - planning and owning complex stories and epics
  • Lead code reviews and enforce standards.
  • Review story docs and offer insights on the impact to other parts of the application
  • Agonizing over the user experience until even a trained monkey could use the product
  • Mentoring other software engineers
  • Suggesting new technologies and techniques to improve engineer productivity
  • Collaborating with and mentoring your peers on security best practices
  • Staying on top of and suggesting new technologies and processes to improve our own productivity


  • Five or more years of JavaScript and experience with a major JavaScript framework such as React, Vue.js, Angular, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, KendoUI, ExtJS, etc.
  • Server-side Node.js with frameworks such as Express
  • jQuery, HTML5 and CSS
  • Experience with single-page JavaScript applications

Desired Skills:

  • Experience with Microservices and Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS ECR/ECS/EKS)
  • HTML5 Canvas element
  • PHP, RequireJS, Redis, Jenkins, AWS, AWS Aurora, Elasticsearch, Chef, Redshift
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