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ASEAN/Indonesian - Remote React/NodeJS - Work from Home. No traffic. JKT Timezone.

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd


Responsibilities :

  • You will specialize in building new functionality for our customers to manage and control their mobile workforce. Our customers are usually desktop bound managers whom need to work with their mobile colleagues. Functionality that you build will enable them to see where everyone is, assign jobs and review their work.

Requirements :

  • Good Sense of Web UI/UX
  • Good logic skills and able to handle databases
  • Experience with front end web. We use the following stack: React/Sails/Node.
  • Work remotely and be responsible for results

Before you apply, please read the long wall of text below:

Thank you for your interest. Please let me share where I am coming from and you can determine if my company is a good fit for you.

We are a profitable company based around a specific communication product ( The mission is to bring smart communication to Field Workers.

Our team of 10 is all distributed (Singapore/Vietnam/Indonesia/Malaysia/India) and we work via Skype, Teamviewer, VoicePing (, Pivotal Tracker & Github.

*People join us because*

- Our product is actually used by people for serious usage 

- it's a product and not a consulting company so you really go deep into one field and specialise in Real Time Communication. 

- You can look into deep tech tracks with audio, networking and WebRTC

- Remote work allows them to not get stuck in traffic which staying with family. 

- The flexible working hours is great for family stuff.

*My expectation is that you *

- are competent in your work and is somewhat experienced (not a total newbie that needs lots of coaching) 

- can communicate well using Verbal, text, Teamviewer etc (Remote working is not easy!). Best if you have have experience working remotely. 

- can go without physically seeing your colleagues 

- Can self manage your assigned task 

- Willing to commit at least 2 years to this company


*The downsides to taking this job is*

1. You will not have colleagues to have lunch with you 

2. Somedays you will feel frustrated because the bugs in our app are hard to replicate. They are usually not UI Bugs but device specific etc. You might have to build a faraday cage to replicate the bug 

3. Your learning might be slower if you do not use Remote tools well to enable you to work better with co-workers 

4. No one in your family/extended family will know what you are working on as the product is specific to certain business users only and unlikely yet to be sold in your country


If you think you are a good fit, Please let me know if

  • Are you ok with Remote only?
  • Do you have any experience working from home/remotely?
  • Expected Salary Annually (In your own currency)
  • please send me a link to your resume 
  • please send me an email where we can send you a 30 min tech screener test