Backend Engineer, Platform Services

 2 months ago

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, USA

About the role

Kentik backend services ingest, enrich and store traffic metadata and metrics from the world's largest networks. They gather configuration and topology snapshots, actively monitor our customer's infrastructure and trigger automated responses in response to outages and attacks. Together, they form an internet-scale, highly available, distributed system that is the foundation to Kentik's ability to deliver complete end-to-end network observability to our customers.

Our platform services support Kentik's microservice architecture, including our API gateway, core services such as rate-limiting, user authentication & authorization, runtime configuration and feature flags, deployment primitives and more.

We are looking for experienced backend engineers wanting to apply their skills and experience taking Kentik to an industrial scale, specifically providing a solid, state-of-the-art foundation.

We have built a team of world-class engineers, network experts, and influential technologists in a remote-first culture from day one. While prior experience in a remote environment is not required, we highly value strong collaboration and communication skills, as well as a high level of independence and autonomy.

US time zones are strongly preferred (PT ideal).

What to expect
  • Interacting closely with product managers and engineering managers to help define, plan and execute on project plans
  • Developing new features, performance improvements and bug fixes in a modern highly scalable SaaS platform
  • Participating in code reviews
  • Regularly collaborating with other engineering teams, as well as support and sales teams
  • Working on high-visibility, challenging engineering problems

You may be a good fit if you have
  • Passion for what you do and a willingness to grow and contribute to our team
  • Prior experience or strong interest for working on large scale SaaS systems 
  • 3+ years experience with Go, Python, Node or similar
  • A good understanding of SQL syntax, especially with PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Good communication skills
  • Experience on any relevant areas to network observability (SNMP, Streaming Telemetry, BGP, general metrics collection, etc)

Our tech stack
  • Our core data engine and platform are primarily written in Go
  • We use Node.js + Express for application serving, and React as our primary UI framework
  • We also use some JS and Python for tooling/scripting
  • In addition to our own database, we use Postgres, Kafka, Mysql, and RedisInternal and public APIs expose both rest/json and gRPC endpoints
  • Haproxy, Envoy for API traffic routing and balancing
  • Github for source control, PRs, issues
  • Jenkins for automated builds

Healthcare and Leave*
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision that is 100% covered for employees & dependents
  • Health Reimbursement Account
  • Maternity/Paternity leave, medical leave to care for yourself or a loved one
  • Stock Options
  • Flexible time off
  • Vanguard 401(k)

*Benefits are as listed for US employees. Local health insurance coverage and similar benefits are provided for employees outside of the US.

Perks and Reimbursement Programs
  • $100 per month for wellness expenses and activities
  • Internet / Phone Reimbursement

Come work with us

We promise it will be worth it! You will be working at a fast-growing, well-funded startup, alongside world-class engineers and thought leaders as we build the future of network observability and digital operations. With a competitive salary and first-rate benefits on top of meaningful, challenging projects, we’re sure you will enjoy joining our team!

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