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QA Analyst

Lasso Data Systems Inc

Culture and Work Environment

As a fully remote team, communication is extremely important - there is no chance to drop in on interesting discussions around the water cooler or to see if someone is busy just by glancing at their desk. We have systems to signal busy-ness; regular meetings and stand-ups to disseminate information, frequent one-on-ones to ensure there are no frustrations building up, a code of conduct and a formal complaint process to resolve conflicts early-on.

As a key member of our QA team, you’ll specifically be expected to:

    Design and build tests from requirements
    Attempt to reproduce issues that come in to support to then log them
    Work closely with the QA Manager to ensure that time is used efficiently 
    Attend and contribute in weekly / monthly meetings
    Suggest improvements if there are issues in the current  process
    Investigate issues when they are difficult to reproduce and have a hunger to get to the bottom of why something is happening
    Create robust end to end tests while working closely with the developer who was responsible for that work.


    Perform manual testing on different areas of the Lasso application 
    Perform manual testing of the entire application during pre- and post-release testing
    Perform webhooks/integrations and API testing
    Create test plans and test cases for new features and requirements, and/or fixes to existing bugs
    Acknowledge and validate submitted tickets by both rnd team and client services
    Log any found defects and track bugs using Jira
    Communicate any issues to the rnd team that require immediate attention
    Work closely with other members of the QA team to prioritize work
    Actively participate in QA meetings 
    Assist in on boarding new resources when needed
    Stay on top of the industry standards of QA and promote efficient recommendations 
    Assist junior members of the QA team as a mentor
    Maintain documentation on manual test cases on TestRail on a regular basis
    Create test scripts for API regression tests using JavaScript
    Use MySQL to run queries to look at issues that require a deeper digging in the database, and/or to confirm some data-related issues.
    Deploy pending changes for subsystems from Beta to Staging only if the smoke tests pass in Beta.


Lasso’s vision is to be the technology hub for new home sales in North America by providing a unique combination of remarkable software and expert services. To achieve our vision we need great developers. That’s why we’ve created a great work environment, encouraging self-direction, personal development, and teamwork. 

Lasso is based in Richmond, BC, Canada. To learn more please visit www.lassocrm.com.


    Remote work
    Self-directed working environment
    People over process
    Greatly influence product and team culture
    Data & Fact-driven decision making
    Education and training budget