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Ops & API - Systems Engineering

PeerWell Inc.

Please read this entirely before applying!

This role has two components, and you must have both: AWS Systems architecture and API development. We are looking for an experienced system and software architect who has experience with AWS, Containers (Docker), and Node. 

  • On the systems side, you will be taking on problems of system scale, security, devops, and deployment, for our medical apps and supporting data mining and analytics of a growing medical dataset. You will be supporting our API development needs, contributing to data mining and machine learning, and supporting system growth and maintainability.

    To that end, you will be re-architecting and re-factoring our code into discrete components that can be deployed and scaled independently on AWS. This will involve knowledge of or learning about many AWS offerings ranging from containers, deployments, monitoring, and computing resources. You will be creating UNIX scripts to launch and control these deployments, and overseeing the monitoring and reporting of the system and its applications.

  • On the API side, you will be adding and supporting features to support our various apps, as well as, creating tools to manipulate and sort through data.  This work is primarily Node/Javascript (and coffeescript), as well as Mongo, Redis, and MySQL

Your experiences should indicate:

  • Expertise with Linux systems and their administration

  • A high degree of familiarity with AWS offerings such as IAM, EC2, ELB, ALB, ECS, security groups, and container management via Docker

  • Experiences with System Architecture issues and practices involving security and scaling.

  • Experience and enthusiasm for developing APIs including at least a familiarity with our API tools.

  • If you have experience with an EHR or medical systems, which is a plus.

If you demonstrate your ability to learn complex systems and find effective solutions to harder engineering problems, then we can support you to learn here with us. 

Remote Position:
This job is a remote hire located in the US, Canada, EU, and South America.  You can work from your home or from a workspace. We will work with you to be fully connected member of our team. The majority of our staff is located remotely!

You care about doing good and finding ways to help other people. We care about the work we do, and how we do it. We care about friendly and effective teams and a civil work life. We care about our patients and their outcomes.

To Apply:
Please provide a cover letter describing your interest in PeerWell and this position, and explaining how you fit this role. Applications without such a letter will NOT be considered. We want to know a bit about who you are as a person as well as your engineering capabilities.