Full Stack Developer (React, Node.JS, AWS)

 Addison Group
 14 days ago

Fin-tech client looking to add to their growing team. Various but also working to integrate their SaaS platform on client websites using API's/


  • Collaborate and cooperate well with coworkers: effectively communicate information; consult with others to complete assignments; and act in a responsible, trustworthy, and ethical manner.

  • As an individual contributor, responsible for participating in all aspects of software development life cycle including estimating, technical design, implementation, documentation and post implementation application support.

  • Demonstrate contagious motivation to build best-of-breed software, and advocate for best practices in UI and RESTful API development.

  • Frequently deliver high quality code into production using continuous delivery tools and strategies

  • Embrace agile methodologies and the advantages it brings to communication, flexibility, and delivering working code.

  • Strong debugging, problem solving and investigative skills.

  • This role requires staying calm under pressure, and a willingness to work extra hours especially during holiday periods or project deadlines.


  • 5+ Years’ Experience, and expert knowledge of object-oriented JavaScript, specifically Node.js and React.

  • Experience with understanding JavaScript Event Loop, Callback Queue, JavaScript prototypes, scope chain, closures and writing asynchronous JavaScript while using Promises/Async/Await

  • Experience with React object life cycle and React workflows like Redux, Flux, etc.

  • Front-End Engineer has worked with CSS/SCSS before and writes component-specific styles, not page-specific

  • Front-End Engineer is excited to leverage modern features like Flexbox or external CSS libraries to simplify code instrumentation tools that help measure and improve front end performance

  • Familiarity integrating with REST and GraphQL APIs (Apollo).

  • You are flexible and open to others' ideas and solutions, not just your own

  • Experience with HTML5, CSS, and Object-Oriented Programming

  • Experience consuming RESTful (JSON) web services

  • Experience with user interface development for mobile sites and smart device applications.

  • Strong knowledge of web security practice

  • Good understanding of Git, source control procedures, and feature branching

  • The right candidate will have an innate technical curiosity, and strong communication skills.




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