Senior React, React Native, or Node Engineer

 G2i Inc.
 2 years ago

Headquarters: Remote

What is G2i?

G2i is a marketplace and engineering collective created by engineers for engineers - a 100% remote, fully distributed group of industry leaders, conference speakers, subject matter experts, and real people from all over the world who live and breathe React, React Native, and Node. 

G2i brings together vetted engineers and clients via our marketplace. Companies like Turo, Software Engineering Daily, You.i TV, and Lattice among others, come to G2i for experts to fulfill 100% remote short and long term contract (as well as full time) engagements. Being a G2i engineer means no upfront commitments, not worrying about invoicing, drawing up contracts, account management, seeking out clients, or much of the other hassle associated with traditional freelancing - you do what you do best and we take care of the rest. 

Our vetting process is position relevant, to the point, and sits in your shop window to showcase your skill-set to potential clients -  - no whiteboarding or algorithms. Engineers develop an app for us (vetting available in React Web, React Native, or Node...or all of them!) and discuss it with one of our real, human experts. Your app and follow up conversation grant you access to all of our available contracts and our growing collective. 

Who is a G2i Engineer?

We value highly competent engineers that take pride in their craft, are never satisfied with their knowledge base, and bring enthusiasm to building applications in React, React Native, and/or Node. We look for people comfortable working in dynamic engineering environments and display strong communication and documentation skills. Here is what this actually means to us:
  • You have 5+ years of professional development experience and have at least 2 year of React Native and/or React production experience.
  • You can step onto a remote contract tomorrow - talking with clients, acclimating with code bases, and fitting into existing processes is second nature to you.
  • You are in a timezone aligned where most of our clients are based - North/Central/South America or Europe
  • You are fluent in both verbal and written English and are comfortable communicating directly with technical and non-technical clients.

We vet Engineers AND Clients

When we vet clients we make sure they:
  • Prioritize communication
  • Plan appropriately and have realistic timelines
  • Understand the cost of healthy development and have a budget to pay for it
When we vet engineers we make sure:
  • Engineers vet other engineers
  • Our code challenges are to the point and based on production-level code, no whiteboarding
  • Our process is objective, repeatable and quantitatively scored
  • Our process is completely transparent


G2i is an equal opportunity employer. We’re dedicated to building a team where diversity in both ideas and identities is not only welcomed, but encouraged. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.
If you'd like to learn more or set up a no-commitment exploratory call, apply via and we'll get in touch with you. Thanks!

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