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 a month ago

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Hi, we're Banzai 👋!

Our mission at Banzai is to restore human connections to marketing. ❤️ We are a rapidly growing marketing technology company that provides engagement marketing solutions that reach millions of users every year. Banzai helps our customers educate and build relationships with their buyers through event marketing automation, webinars, and virtual/hybrid events.

Currently, Banzai is seeking an experienced, enthusiastic, QA Engineering to help test new updates, discover edge cases, report bugs, and ensure that we're able to deliver a production-level product to our customers.

Although you would be reporting to a Director of Engineering, you would ideally be a strong communicator who is customer and product-obsessed. You would be counted on to be the voice of the customers by giving consistent updates to production with limited bugs and issues, creating quick feedback loops for our engineering team on any new updates to our development servers, and leveling up our QA automated tests with more effecient processes.

To succeed in this role, we would expect you to:

  • Understand the product inside & out, including 3rd party services, integrations, and API's
  • Have a high-level understanding of customer use cases
  • Have basic technical background to diagnose issues, report important details to engineering, utilize API's, etc
  • Actively participate in ongoing sprints & cycles to help deliver new updates to our customers on time
  • Be full-time focused on QA (Manual & automated testing)
  • Open at least a 3-hour overlap with EST timezone and the ability to have a flexible schedule around launch windows
  • Have the ability to multi-task and run multiple tests at once

Here's what an average day/week looks like:

  • On a daily basis, you'll be working with product & engineering on active sprints/cycles
  • On days where we push updates to production, you'll need to run through a series of tests to ensure everything was successful
  • You'll be testing the product on a regular basis on a variety of devices, operating systems, and browsers
  • You'll need to create Loom videos and well-documented tasks for new issues that pop up
  • When bugs or customer issues are reported, you'll need to run a series of tests to identify the core issue(s) and document the steps to reproduce
  • You'll be participating in group "kickoff" calls for new sprints & cycles to make sure you understand what we're building
  • You'll be working closely with engineering to create more automated, ongoing tests

Technical Requirements

  • Strong testing automation skills and experience
  • Experience with Headless Chrome, Puppeteer,
  • Strong JavaScript knowledge for writing testing scenarios
  • Practical experience with Jenkins CI server and Linux Debian/Ubuntu OS
  • API testing
  • Multi device and OS testing

More details about the position:

This will be a fully remote full-time role at Banzai, reporting to the Demio Director of Engineering. This shift wouldn't have any specific set hours, but we would want to make sure we have some overlap schedule in the EST time zone. This will be important to sync up with the Product team and other members of your engineering organization.

We’re open to any time zone, as long as you can fulfill it!

The payment for this position will be based on experience and your background, but we’ll be very transparent on our initial calls to see if this is a fit.

But, we'll also be there to support you with our benefits program:
  • 401(k) plan with match
  • Health, dental & vision insurance
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Flexible work-from-home options
  • Monthly stipend cards to support work/life balance
  • Six weeks fully paid parental leave
  • Mentorship within our engineering/product organization by experienced functional leaders
  • Working with a truly mission-driven team motivated by excellence
  • Real room for growth in professional and personal development

What to do next:

If this sounds exciting to you and you think growing with our company sounds great, let’s talk. 😎

Simply click on the link to the right to apply to our Workable application. We'll reach out to you to set up an initial conversation on one of our platforms!

Thank you




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