Lead Security Engineer, Cloud Platform

 Invitae Corporation
 20 days ago

The mission for our Cloud Platform team is to create the systems upon which the rest of Invitae is built. It provides self-service tooling, automation, and application deployment technology to support Invitae’s efforts to expand genetic services.

The genetic testing space is moving and expanding quickly. In support of the Invitae mission, our engineering team needs to continue to move faster but with a greater focus on safety. We take the security and privacy of our users’ healthcare information very seriously as our brand promise begins with a strong level of trust.

We are building security fundamentals directly into the DNA of the platform by offering common functionality like authentication, authorization, secret management, and making secure development and operational methodologies the default.

We are looking for a strong Technical and People leader who wants to build this platform and ensure security and privacy across all of our customer and patient experiences.

What you'll be doing:

  • Solve whole classes of security issues with reusable services and libraries

  • Build and extend systems and services that will securely transmit and store sensitive data

  • Create shared patterns for secure services and drive adoption of these patterns

  • Participate in code reviews and identify security issues

  • Lead, support and mentor engineers in secure development practices and be a security subject matter expert within the broader team

  • Work with product teams to plan and implement security features at the platform level

  • Build authentication, authorization, encryption, and key/secret management solutions

  • Collaborate with product and engineering to balance security risk with product advancement

  • Support security features in our production environment

  • Lead, mentor and support engineering staff’s technical and professional growth

  • Facilitate problem-solving across teams and groups

  • Translate business requirements across the company to best-in-class experiences

  • Being hands-on with our engineering solutions and driving technical excellence within the team

  • Help recruit, hire and build high-performance teams.

What you bring:

  • Significant experience and passion for building security-focused platforms and customer-facing applications that perform at scale

  • Software engineering fundamentals with front-end and back-end applications

  • Experience working with multiple programming languages and switching between frameworks as necessary - Python, Kotlin, Scala, and Go

  • Experience successfully triaging and resolving security bugs and incidents

  • Demonstrated strong communication and interpersonal skills across engineering organizations

  • Experience building identity, authentication, authorization and secrets management systems

  • Experience with successfully leading teams in a results-based environment


  • Evangelized secure coding practices across organizational boundaries

  • Experience threat modeling new and existing applications

  • Knowledgeable in secure development practices and common vulnerabilities

  • Passionate about creating great developer experiences for security features and services

  • Should have worked extensively with cloud providers such as AWS




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