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Software & Integrations Engineer

Reaction Commerce

Software & Integrations Engineer

Reaction Commerce is seeking a Software Engineer to join our growing Solutions Engineering (SE) team.  As a part of the engineering team at Reaction Commerce, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape the fastest-growing open source commerce platform in the world. You’ll be responsible for collaborating with the SE and Core engineering team to work on enterprise client implementations and 3rd-party integrations on Reaction Commerce.

You will play a pivotal role in translating business and functional requirements into reliable, quality software. This role will combine a front-line engineer position with a sales-engineer position who will be working with the sales team to understand prospect requirements, technical discovery and systems architecture for the client’s Reaction Commerce inclusive e-commerce stack.

Description of the Job

What you will be doing

  • Work with client, designers, other developers and QA across multiple time zones to deliver reliable, performant, well-crafted software by agreed-upon deadlines

  • Work with prospects and clients to discover their needs and architect solutions with regards to customizations, integrations, and extensions on Reaction Commerce

  • Represent the Engineering team in meetings with prospects

  • Work with the core team to establish API’s for extending the core software

What a typical week would look like

  • Create plugins for RC that integrate a third-party payment gateway (think Stripe or Paypal)

  • Create stand-alone systems using tools such as AWS Lambda and Kafka that integrate with external systems like Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Review basic requirements from a prospect and provide suggestions on architecture in addition to implementation effort estimates.

  • Attend a once-daily “sync” call to give status updates and talk about new work/issues

  • Attend a weekly “all-dev” call to discuss technical challenges and show off “cool” or interesting things you have worked on this week

  • Attend monthly 1-on-1’s with  the Director of Solution Engineering and weekly 1-on-1’s with  the Team lead

Description of a successful Candidate


  • 5+ Years as a full-stack software engineer focused on web-based development

  • At least 2 years experience with Node and the npm environment

  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills including the ability to communicate complex issues to technical and non-technical staff and management

  • A strong understanding of the asynchronous programming model

  • Experience with a front-end component framework like React and backend systems like Express and GraphQL

  • Experience with ecommerce development (Demandware, Magento, Shopify plus, etc) or integrations into ERP, Tax, Accounting, Inventory management, Payment gateways, and other 3rd parties essential to ecommerce storefronts.


  • Has experience working in a remote environment and is familiar with the challenges

  • Is able to understand a technical problem in the context of the customer needs

  • Enjoys and flourishes in an environment that encourages cooperation and teamwork

  • Has a longer term vision for themselves and their career

  • Focuses on constant, incremental improvement in themselves and their skills

  • Is willing to express when they need help or feel uncomfortable

  • Enjoys and flourishes in an environment that values frank feedback at all levels

  • Able to manage multiple tasks without becoming frustrated

  • Tendency to teach others what you know and excitement for sharing knowledge

When and Where

  • Location: USA - Remote or at our office (West Coast time zone preferred but not required)

  • Compensation: Salary commensurate with experience, stock options, medical and dental benefits

  • Hours:

    • Occasional flexibility for scheduling meetings with coworkers in other timezones

    • You’ll be expected to participate in team meetings and work at least 5 hours/day that overlap with 9AM-5PM Pacific