Sr UX/UI Engineer (remote US or Canada)

 Lone Wolf Technologies
 9 days ago

Lone Wolf is an established real estate technology leader in the midst of UX-focused growth and innovation. The cornerstone to our latest product development advancements is our React component library, Helix. The UX Design team at Lone Wolf uses the Helix components to prototype UI and validate UX. The designer then hands off a live-code prototype to an engineering team, thus greatly reducing our deployment time. As more and more applications are built using Helix, the more complex its needs become.

As an Engineer lead within the UX team, you will be responsible for building, enhancing, documenting, and maintaining the React (+ TypeScript) components within our Helix library. Additionally, the ideal candidate for this role will be able to confidently oversee version control, package management, code quality, testing, documentation, and support the rest of the organization in using the React/TypeScript components correctly.

As a UX Engineer, you enjoy clean, purposeful, scalable code that’s easy to interpret and forward-thinking in its execution. You have extensive knowledge on best practices for frontend web development and can guide or groom less experienced engineers. Working with Design Systems or design teams is seen an extension of your process, and you have dabbled with component libraries in the past; or even built your own!

In addition to leading the engineering portion of our sought-after component library, this role requires you to collaborate with industry-leading research, design, and development teams to shape some of the most ground-breaking products in the real estate market.


  • Apply strong knowledge of established web development best practices.

  • Comfortably collaborate with UX Designers and guide fellow Engineers.

  • Proactively shape best practices for our React/TypeScript component library including establishing code quality standards, ensuring proper testing and version control, creating release notes, and communicating/documenting for stakeholders

  • Create, review, and/or approve pull requests.

  • Modify and/or create build scripts associated with running Helix-based project environments.

  • Self-manage and guide other UX engineers to deliver assigned work within given timelines.

  • Work within the defined guidelines of an established component library.

  • Build and/or modify existing React/TypeScript components and provide interactive documentation for our component catalogue by providing code examples, visual examples, and documenting applicable feature prototypes.

  • Maintenance, documentation, and on-going support for component versioning.

  • Embrace and contribute to a culture of innovation, excellence and accountability.


  • 2 - 5 years working and building with React frameworks.

  • 1 - 2 years of experience working with automation management: linting, release notes, package maintenance, and versioning.

  • 1 + years working with a Design System or UX/UI team.

  • Bachelors in related field. (Engineering, Design, etc.)

  • Strong knowledge of TypeScript.

  • Experience with git code management or other version control system.

  • Strong knowledge of development best practices, QA testing practices, and semantic version control.

  • Portfolio that showcases skills and/or past projects.


  • Previous management experience.

  • History working with real estate products or applications.

  • Experience working for a SaaS company.

  • Experience re-imagining and/or re-building outdated and/or cumbersome software.




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