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Web App Developer

PeerWell Inc.

The PeerWell engineering team is seeking a creative and detail oriented Frontend Engineer who will build medical web-apps with the highest levels of quality.

We use these web-apps in our native mobile apps, and as standalone apps, so you will be exposed to a variety of design constraints, and usability concerns. You will also be negotiating with our backend engineers on the design of the endpoints you will be using. You will be working with the product team to solve design and implementation problems that patients and health providers will use.  And, lastly, you will be immersed in the problems of developing the testing infrastructure and processes we use to make sure our patients are getting a proper and safe application experience.

This role is varied, skilled, and creative. We have a lot of intriguing problems to solve!


  • Demonstrated Javascript, single-app web technology expertise are essential.

  • Considerable React and related technology understanding

  • Creative usability and engineering problem solving

  • Deep understanding of Browser behavior

  • Testability, quality, and agile test practices

Other Key Attributes:

We are looking for a person who has a demonstrated passion for some of these concerns: 

  • Elegant frontend design

  • Great user experience

  • Engineering quality

  • Helping patients

  • Game mechanics

  • Data

  • Quality

About our company, engineering, and product practice:

We are building a remote company, even though we are based in San Francisco, where you can work from home or a workspace.  We have occasional team meetups in various places in the world and otherwise use modern communication tools to do our daily work.

To Apply Please:

  1. Consider that for this role we are requiring a candidate be located in the US, Canada, South America or in Europe/EU.  

  2. Write us of your interest in what PeerWell does and how your interests, skills, and experiences in building web-apps connects to it.  Resumes without such cover letters will not be considered.

  3. See information about here https://www.peerwell.co and here https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/companies/peerwell