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Developers Wanted! Angular 2, React, SASS

The Spry Group LLC



We're The Spry Group. We build Single Page Apps supported by REST APIs.

We're looking to bring some more front-end developers onto our team. We work with Angular & React, but if you have experience with Vue, Backbone, polymer, knockout, etc. We'd love to talk to you. Strong Javascript/ES6 and HTML+CSS skills are a must.

Experience with Django, Node.JS, OAuth, REST, Socket.io, JSON WebTokens, RxJS, and Redux are a big plus, but not required.

We're a small agile shop. Everyone works remotely and we collaborate through Gitter.im,  Google Hangout, and Github. We typically work M-F 10a-6p US/Eastern time and have daily scrums at 10:30a US/Eastern time. We work in one week sprints and leverage forking and feature branching workflows in Git.

We're open to anyone, anywhere in the world, who can keep our hours. We've found it's easier on most people if they're within 3 hours of US/Eastern.

If you want a little insight about us as a team and the projects we've worked on, check out our website, http://spry-group.com

Apply: Please ensure you answer the following questions in your application email: * What is your preferred approach to organizing SASS? * What is your preferred client-side framework and why do you prefer it? * What compensation are you expecting (salary + benefits) in USD? * What is the link to your github or other opensource project profiles where we can see your code?