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Remote, Solo Position, RoR & NodeJs Full-Stack Developer for SEO Tracker


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Headquarters: Washington, DC
URL: http://whatsmyserp.com

WhatsMySerp is a popular, free SEO tool that allows website owners and SEOs to easily track rankings of keywords within Google search results. In addition to improving our existing offerings, our next step is to monetize the service by creating premium tools and features. Currently, WMS is developed by a contracted team and before building out our services, we'd like to re-develop the existing website to be more consistent with our internal stack. One of the first tasks would be converting the project from a RoR/React to Node/Vue.

  • Solo developer project (We have other devs on different projects that you can chat with)
  • Re-code from RoR/React to Nodejs/Vue
  • Convert designs to HTML
  • Maintain website & add features

  • 3+ years of RoR
  • 3+ years of NodeJs
  • Proficient in React
  • Experience with Stripe or Similar
  • Proficient front-end development, careful to detail when converting designs to html
  • Git & Build tools

Bonus Requirements
  • VueJs

To apply: jobs@whatsmyserp.com