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Senior JavaScript Security Engineer


About Elastic

At Elastic, we have a simple goal: to pursue the world's data problems with products that delight and inspire. We help people around the world do extraordinary things with their data. From stock quotes to Twitter streams, Apache logs to WordPress blogs, our products are extending what's possible with data, delivering on the promise that good things come from connecting the dots. Founded in 2012 by the people behind the Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats open source projects, we believe that diversity drives our vibe. We unite employees across 30+ countries into one coherent team, while the broader community spans across over 100 countries.

Engineering Philosophy

We believe that engineering complex, pluggable software for the web that is built to last the test of time is both tricky and exciting. Doing so requires a team of diverse individuals, with sharp minds and the ability to empathize with our users, working together with mutual respect and a common mission.

We care deeply about giving you full ownership of what you're working on. Our company fundamentally believes great minds achieve greatness when they are set free and are surrounded and challenged by their peers, which is clearly visible throughout our organization. At Elastic, hierarchy does not determine how decisions get made. We feel that anyone needs to be in the position to comment on absolutely anything, regardless of their role within the company.

About The Role

You will act as a hands-on developer of the Kibana Security team which is responsible for the authentication providers, access control systems, and security hardening in Kibana. Additionally, the security team works with others to instill secure coding principles and best practices. You will work on many key projects and initiatives partnering closely across all Elastic teams. You will be responsible for delivering the roadmap of the Security team, reinforcing the quality of work, managing the technical debt, updating the project status, and providing support for the other parts of the Kibana team.

Some of the things you'll work on

  • Design and implement internal security mechanisms to secure individual Kibana servers

  • Implement access control for APIs, saved objects, and UI functionality

  • Create multi-layer solutions for safely executing server-side plugin code with node.js sandboxing and seccomp

  • Advocate for secure coding principles and best practices

  • Develop different single sign-on integrations

  • Perform vulnerability scans and coordinate remediation

  • Support our support engineers with harder security problems

  • Own compliance/standards agenda for Kibana( FIPS, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO, etc.)

  • Help define how developers build Kibana now and into the future

  • Work with the tech lead to architect a large JavaScript project designed to be actively developed for decades while embracing continuously-evolving modern web technologies

  • Write comprehensive tests, including unit tests, service-level, HTTP-level, UI component, and browser-level integration tests that provide confidence in the stability and function of Kibana

  • Collaborate with other experienced developers both in Elastic and our open source community, including code and technical design reviews


  • 7+ years of experience building secure and scalable applications with JavaScript

  • Experience supporting and analyzing security incidents in production web services and applications

  • Experience writing and a deep appreciation for automated testing

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • A great teammate with strong analytical, problem solving, debugging and troubleshooting skills

  • Knowledge of common security related protocols (SSL, TLS, IPSec, etc.)

  • Experience of cryptographic encryption algorithms, key exchange algorithms, hashing algorithms, PKI, etc.

  • Strong JavaScript programming skills

  • Deep knowledge of Node.js

  • Understanding of many legacy JS frameworks and at least one modern JS framework such as Angular.js and React.js

  • Experience with the release process: Source code control, package installers, build scripts, Jenkins, etc.

  • Experience working with continuous Integration platforms. Jenkins experience is a plus.

  • Deep under