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Full-Stack WEB Developer - Contract - WAH if in Pacific or Mountain Time (W2)

iTech Solutions, Inc.

Full-Stack Developer

Open to Portland, Phoenix, Denver as work locations, and WAH in the Pacific / Mtn time zones.

This role involves a senior contributor, working hand-in-hand with a veteran team of software developers who are creating exciting new features for customers.

Key Skills: TypeScript, Angular, NetJS

A successful candidate should have:

  • Extensive experience with distributed and event systems.

  • Ability to think strategically about the product as well as technical challenges.

  • Demonstrate a "dev-ops as culture" mindset.

  • Desire to work in a team of high performers, who hold each other accountable to perform to their very best.

  • Desire to work in a highly disciplined agile team, focused on continuous improvement.


  • Architecting, developing, testing and deploying highly scalable distributed systems and data processes.

  • Design and implement support tools for data processes

  • Benchmark systems, analyze bottlenecks and propose solutions to eliminate them.

  • Collaborate with other senior application specialist in the organization to create an atmosphere of group contribution in addition to individual execution that makes the organization more efficient and knowledgeable.

  • Re-use existing software development practices where possible for productivity but also introduce new trending industry practices and tools where appropriate.

  • Design robust solutions to hard problems that also take into account scale, security, reliability, and cost.

  • Deliver needed project functionality for specific deliverables but deliver in such a way that the value is useful to the organization in the long term.

Required Skills:

  • A full-stack developer will have experience with components at each layer of modern web applications. A modern full-stack web developer should have experience with many of the following languages, technologies, platforms, and frameworks.

  • JavaScript (TypeScript a plus)

  • Ideal candidate has production experience providing solutions based on JavaScript in the front and back end

  • Ideal candidate should be familiar with latest features in ECMAScript (ES), and can describe things like prototypal inheritance, de-structuring, the spread operator, this, and other advanced javascript concepts.

  • Ideal candidate has worked with TypeScript or a language that utilizes static typing and understand the advantages and disadvantages

  • Our teams use TypeScript extensively and find that candidates that don't have a lot of TypeScript benefit from significant static language experience combined with JavaScript experience.

  • NodeJS

  • Ideal candidate has extensive production experience providing back-end solutions with NodeJS in self-hosted and cloud-hosted environments

  • Ideal candidate should be able to discuss internals of NodeJS such as the event loop, asynchronous programming, streams, and node ecosystem concerns (i.e. versioning and deployment)

  • Angular

  • Ideal candidate has multiple deployed applications using Angular, preferably Angular 5+

  • Experience with state management libraries such NGRX is a plus

  • Experience with Nwrl's Nx workspace framework is also a plus

  • Candidates with extensive development in other Web based UI frameworks will work, but should be willing to prove they can rapidly adopt work with Angular concepts.

  • RESTful API's

  • Ideal candidate has extensively worked with public RESTful interfaces and can describe the tenets of REST, compare REST to SOAP, and describe REST best practices

  • Security

  • Ideal candidate understands the tenets of protecting client data in motion and at rest as well as different techniques for authenticating and authorizing clients / consumers of service data.

  • GIT

  • Ideal candidate has performed primary product development with GIT based source control solutions (Github, Gitlab, etc)

  • Ideal candidate should understand concepts such as rebasing, squashing, cherry picking, and tagging.

  • NoSQL / SQL

  • Ideal candidate will have worked with unix based SQL, NoSQL databases (MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Oracle, etc)

  • Ideal candidate has worked with JavaScript based libraries to access NoSql / SQL databases (TypeORM, Mongoose, Sequelize, etc)

  • Test Automation Tools

  • Ideal candidate has worked with Functional and Unit test based frameworks to develop automated tests (Jest, Mocha, Jasmine, Cypress or Protractor)

  • Other helpful skills / experience:

  • Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployments (CD)

  • Ideal candidate has worked on projects with CI/CD tools (Jenkins, Bamboo, Gitlab-CI, etc)

  • Container Technologies and Container Orchestration platforms

  • Ideal candidate has worked on projects with container based solutions (Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, EKS, etc)

  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or a related discipline, at least three, typically five or more years of solid, diverse work experience in IT with a minimum of four years experience application program development, or the equivalent in education and work experience.

For more information please contact Tom Mazzulla at 336-701-1226 or tmazzulla@itechsolutions.com