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Web Frontend Engineer (React)

Supervillan Software Group

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Headquarters: New York, USA
URL: https://supervillains.io

About Us:
Supervillain Software Group is searching to partner with someone knowledgeable to work alongside our team. We are a small shop based in New York. We work almost entirely remotely (depending on the needs of the client) and strive to maintain a personal, flexible, but also fast paced work environment. We have a strong belief in remote culture and agile development. Our goal is to provide top quality work for clients. We work on an extremely wide variety of projects. 

About Our Technologies:
At Supervillain, we believe in using the right tool for the job. We work in modern technology stacks like Node, Rails, Python, React Native, and many more. Right now, we are looking for an experienced React developer who can effectively translate mockups into implementation.

We are looking for a contractor who can:
      • Translate mockups & wireframes to functional, elegant frontend implementation
      • Set the standard for organizing styles, interacting with backend APIs, and structuring React components
      • Implement new features with or without design, based on existing design constructs in our application

      Ideal Skillset:
      • React
      • CSS
      • Responsive and/or mobile-first styling
      • Javascript
      • REST APIs
      • Web standards and best practices for modern applications

      About You:
      • Will work with our experienced development team to produce high quality solutions
      • Will work directly with our client, who will be interacting with your work daily
      • Communicates openly and often, using tools such as Slack
      • Well versed in front-end React development
      • Thrive in a dynamic environment where we embrace change
      • Think deeply and enthusiastically about software as a finished product; take pride in your work!

      We're seeking an engineer that can offer 35-40 hours per week but we'd be open to a smaller commitment. Please reach out if you have >=20 hours/week available.

      To apply: jobs_basa@yahoo.com