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Senior React Engineer - 100% Remote - North / South America & Europe


Theorem (formerly Citrusbyte) is a software consultancy focused on using modern tools to solve complex problems for global businesses. We are a pioneer in remote workplaces with a diverse team of communicative, experts spread across 20+ countries.

We’re currently seeking a Senior Frontend Engineer with at least 5 years of JavaScript experience, including 2+ years with React The role is full-time, permanent, and 100% remote.

Our ideal candidate has experience building production applications using React and has a thorough understanding of the options and tools available for managing an application’s state and their underlying functional programming concepts.

Above anything else, the ideal candidate will show a passion for programming, learning, and researching new technologies, and adapting to the ever-evolving frontend landscape.

We’re looking for...

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with JavaScript, including ES6

  • Minimum of 2 years of experience with React

  • Expert in HTML5 and CSS3, including CSS methodologies & build tools

  • Experience with Git and web-based version control platforms like Github

  • Proficient in designing, building, consuming and documenting APIs

  • Excellent communication and time management skills

  • Open-minded, open to receiving and providing constructive feedback, inclusive, collaborative, and always learning

We also like to see...

  • Experience with a variety of frontend frameworks & libraries, devops, and programming languages - Redux Thunk/Saga, Immutable, Docker, AWS, Glamorous, VueJS, TypeScript, Ruby, etc.

  • Active members in the JavaScript community - organizing/attending Meetups, contributing to open-source projects, teaching, blogging and conference appearances

  • Familiarity with design tools - Illustrator, Sketch, Zeplin, Figma, Principle, Framer or similar

  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial - always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the company externally and internally

  • Experience working in a distributed company

As a Senior React Engineer, you’ll...

  • Work in small teams with a product manager, designers, and other engineers to scope, design, and implement features

  • Provide input on app architecture

  • Cross-collaborate with internal teams and directly with clients

  • Code, create and review PRs on a daily basis