Blockchain Engineer - Rust and/or Node.js

 4 months ago

Saito is a next-gen Tier 1 Blockchain. At Saito’s heart is a simple yet elegant mechanism that rethinks and fixes the economic problems in proof-of-work and proof-of-stake networks. This makes Saito unlike any other blockchain. We are also different from many other blockchain projects in our focus on building working code that supports a real-world community that is growing on our network.

We currently have a proof-of-concept network running on Node.js that is supporting tens of thousands of daily transactions. We’ve recently closed a round of fundraising led by Spark Digital Capital, DFG and Block Dream Fund by OKex and are approaching a public sale and exchange listing of the network token. We are looking to expand our development team and move beyond the prototype stage.

The next steps in our roadmap are to build out a performant Reference Implementation of Saito in Rust, and to improve the Javascript proof-of-concept into a robust user-facing platform on which it is easy to build and deploy high-throughput peer-to-peer applications.

We’ve chosen Rust for its focus on security and high performance, especially with multi-core parallel processing. We’ve chosen Javascript/Node.js for it’s approachability and flexibility, especially for supporting DAPPs.

Saito is currently a small team and as an early technical hire you'll wear many hats. However, primary responsibility will be development of the aforementioned Rust and Javascript implementations. The ideal candidate will be able to benchmark performance as the codebase is developed and leverage Design by Contract and Test-Driven Development to produce a high-quality API for developers.

Rolls: Rust Developer or Javascript/Node Developer

Location: Our team is located in Beijing and Bangkok. Remote work is acceptable. While COVID makes travel impossible now, we prefer to work with candidates who are able to spend at least a month working on-site with us every year.

Requirements: Enthusiasm for blockchain, distributed systems and/or public key infrastructure. Experience with or open to learning Rust, experience with Node/Javascript.

Nice-to-have: system administration, Chinese.

Salary: Above market rate depending on experience, optionally payable in cryptocurrency

Benefits: standard benefits

If you’re excited by the idea of building highly scalable software we would love to hear from you.

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