Front End Engineer (React) Bring DJ Mixes to Spotify

 4 months ago

Headquarters: San Francisco

Proton builds software & services that power over 2000 independent electronic music labels, with over 1M plays per day on Spotify alone. Our core business is digital music distribution: helping our clients deliver their catalog to DJ stores like Beatport and streaming platforms like Spotify, while also helping them monetize on social media networks like YouTube & Facebook.  Our current focus is bringing DJ Mixes to Spotify & Apple.

The crew that runs Proton also run their own record labels, produce their own tracks, and many of us are DJs too. We're passionate about music and have built Proton to help solve problems that we face every day as music makers and lovers ourselves. Meet the team here!

About the Role

As a small company, most of Proton’s team wears many hats & take on a range of responsibilities. For this position, we’re looking for dedicated front end developers to help build & maintain the client in React. For casual fans & listeners, our app is a place to listen to our live radio broadcast & access archived DJ mixes on demand. But under the hood, the app is primarily for pro users (artists, label managers, and DJs) to send & receive tracks from our music labels + upload DJ Mixes to Spotify & Apple.

Key Responsibilities
  • Promo Pool - Help with ongoing development of our brand new promo pool platform, which helps music labels easily send tracks to DJs, who listen, review, and play the tracks in their mixes.

  • DJ Mix CMS & Upload Flows - Help with the ongoing build of our DJ Mix content management system & upload flows, guiding DJs through the process of uploading mixes to Spotify & Apple.
  • Track Stack & Music Browser - Help build our app’s music browser, specifically for DJs browsing tracks to feature in their mixes on Spotify & Apple. This includes Top 100 charts, genre browsing, and feed filtering tools for a catalog of > 2K music labels.

Requirements & Nice to Haves
  • Real world experience working in JavaScript web applications.
  • Experienced with version control (git)
  • Experienced building reusable UI components with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiar with Redux, REST, and best practices for client side data management
  • Beginners mindset - The javascript landscape is always changing. Able to assess new tech and Proton’s current codebase, integrating healthy and sustainable changes.
  • [Nice to have] Experience writing end-to-end and unit tests (Cypress + Jest)
  • [Nice to have] Familiar with design tools such as Figma and Sketch
  • [Nice to have] Experience with Rails and/or PHP

Our Stack
  • PHP + Rails
  • MySQL
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud + Legacy Servers
  • Redis + Resque
  • JavaScript + React
  • Algolia
  • Circle CI, GitHub, Cypress, Pest

Work Environment: 100% Remote & Independently Motivated
Proton is a fully remote organization, so candidates must be comfortable & able to thrive without in person collaboration or a high level of daily social interactions. Our engineering team is entirely based in North/South America, so time zones are generally aligned. We organize our work in Asana, Slack, and GitHub.

Flexible Full Time, Supporting Lifestyle Design
Proton is committed to supporting lifestyle design & personal freedom for our team. While we have several full time salaried team members working 5 days a week, we also have contractors working flexible 15-30 hour weeks, or full time staff that squeeze their time into 4 days and take Friday off. In other words, we’re intentionally flexible to find a schedule that helps you thrive.

This position is full time, in that we require candidates to not have any other paid engineering work. However, it doesn’t need to be a salaried 5 day a week job: we’re also open to contractors who want a flexible schedule, but don't want to commit to a full 5 day work week.

Self-Starters & Creative Problem Solvers
We’re a team of self-starters who are not afraid to jump into new systems we don’t understand, come up with a proposed solution before asking for help, and always open to trying & learning new things. We’re looking for like minded engineers to join us.

A culture of electronic music lovers & makers.
Many of Proton’s team are also DJs, producers, or label managers. While not a must-have, we’re looking for engineers who are also passionate about electronic music. Each year, our team attends the annual Amsterdam Dance Event together and ideally candidates for this position would be excited to join us on the trip!

Values Alignment
We’re looking for engineers who align with Proton’s core values of growing sustainably, leading with integrity & vision, and a love + respect for the music. In practice, this means our company doesn’t aim to grow rapidly at the cost of compromising our values: we often prioritize engineering projects that keep Proton aligned with our values over other projects that might make our work easier & make the company more money. This is key for candidates to understand and embrace.

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