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Full Stack Javascript Expert - work for an Inc. 5000 Company - remote possible

OnePak Inc

Expert Full Stack Developer

Expert Full stack developer, proven ability to move
up or down the tech stack with experience in the delivery of a services-driven
approach supporting complex front end portals:

  • Javascript

  • PHP

  • SQL (MySQL / MariaDB)

  • JQuery / JQueryUI

  • Javascript Frameworks like ReactJS

  • HTML / HTML5

  • CSS

  • Linux / Redhat / CentOS

  • ApacheExpert React Developer able to support and develop complex web and mobile apps:

    • React Native

    • ReactJs

    • NodeJs

    • React Native

    • Javascript

    • HTML

    • CSS

Additional requirements

  • Broad experience in various industries, logistics industry experience a plus

  • Self-driven, able to work remotely without hands-on supervision.

This is a USA based position, with an ability to work remotely from anywhere in the US.