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Lead Front End Engineer


Crunch.io, part of YouGov PLC are seeking talented, motivated engineers to join our fully remote team building interactive data applications. As a part of growing front-end team, you will work with four experienced JavaScript developers and two designers constantly improving our users’ experience. You will also collaborate with others throughout our organization and technology stack to build products that are revolutionizing the way our clients achieve their business goals.

On the front-end team, we feel strongly about developing solutions that are both technically and aesthetically sound. We invite you to bring your experience and perspective to conversations about the future growth of our applications and environment. We work closely together, with a healthy and non-combative review process aimed at improving code as well as developing each other’s skills. In short, we strive to write solid, thoroughly tested, and readable code; and we are seeking a new contributor to our already highly effective team.

In a senior engineering role, you will immediately begin to add value to a complex application that clients depend on to get their jobs done. You will learn to refine not only your own code but the Crunch APIs that the application is built upon. Your responsibilities will include ownership of new features, the resolution of bugs, and regression-proofing through comprehensive test coverage. In any given week, you might:

  • Work on new features with other front end team members

  • Triage, unravel, test, and resolve bugs and issues

  • Update existing code in parallel with back end changes to ensure uninterrupted operation

  • Review your colleagues’ work on pull requests

  • Propose, discuss, and debate technology improvements, code organization, design patterns, and conventions employed in the front-end development environment

Front-end developers on our platform are first-class team members. Although your focus is primarily on JavaScript, you will gain familiarity with the entire system. Some of the technologies that enable us to achieve our well-designed, efficient, and performant applications are:

  • ECMAScript

  • Webpack + Babel (ES6 modules)

  • React + Redux

  • Immutable data objects

  • AngularJS 1.5

  • Styled Components

  • Stylus

  • Unit testing with Jest + Enzyme for React (we have over 5500 unit tests across our app)

  • Jenkins for continuous integration and deployment

 If you have experience or interest in these additional areas, you may have the opportunity to work with them as part of your role:

  • End-to-end testing (we use Nightwatch.js and Docker)

  • Mobile design / touch interfaces


  • A firm command of JavaScript and, more importantly, an appetite for continual improvement and growth

  • 5-10 years of JavaScript engineering experience

  • Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks and libraries for building web applications

  • Commitment to high development standards, including comprehensive testing in whatever language you’re working

  • Demonstrated ability to work with team of peers, understanding and respecting the responsibilities and expertise that developers, designers, QA folks, and others bring to the project

  • Ability to provide reasonable estimates on work, meet deadlines, and take ownership and responsibility